12 Zodiac Flowers to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring
Garden Spring Flowers

12 Zodiac Flowers to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

January 16, 2024 at 7:34 PM PST
Garden Spring Flowers

12 Zodiac Flowers to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

January 16, 2024 at 7:34 PM PST

Spring cleaning is around the corner, so get started by sprucing up your garden with these eye-catching zodiac flowers. Each sign exemplifies the beauty and wonder of nature, so find your sign, choose your birth month flowers and simplify the garden life with these fun and fragrant environmentally-conscious picks. Whether you need to declutter your physical or mental space, you’ll find zodiac flowers and birth month flowers can awaken your garden for spring. If you’re a gardening diva or known amongst friends as someone who looks to celestial bodies for guidance, these fab finds will surely leave you starry-eyed.  

Whether you’re currently flexing a green thumb or simply satisfied with a self-sufficient succulent, why not get started using a bit of inspo from our list? Selecting zodiac flowers based on your sun, moon, or rising sign makes gardening an experience that stirs and captivates the senses. These particular flora could illuminate your idiosyncrasies, and you could determine if your preference differs from the zodiac flowers exhibiting the typical traits found under your sun sign. Perhaps a zodiac flower under your moon sign or rising sign is more your speed, based on your physical appearance or personality.

Break out the gardening tools astrology aficionados and get started on some heavenly horticulture. A soothing meditation garden or home garden for stress relief would make sublime DIY projects. Suddenly, the stars seem like an excellent source of inspiration for gardening this spring.

Aries: Honeysuckle (March 21–April 20) 

honeysuckle flower

Aries is known as “The Ram,” and this headstrong sign takes on the form of a super sweet flower that packs a serious punch (in terms of scent and flavor). Channel your inner rambunctious Ram with fierce flair and try incorporating it into your garden for spring. The fact that honeysuckle is one of the first flowers to bloom during the season is quite fitting as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Honeysuckle’s ability to tantalize multiple senses has us obsessed with getting ready for spring!

Taurus: Poppy (April 21–May 21) 

poppy flower

The tenacious Taurus “Bull” is represented as the perfectly poised poppy. This zodiac flower’s monochromatic color scheme perfectly complements a wild garden that is difficult to tame. Those born under the earth sign of Taurus embody strength as well as stubbornness and love to indulge their senses.

They especially live to eat, and it’s so appropriate that poppy seeds serve as tiny recipe components that can kick your dish up a notch. Poppies also represent the notion of remembrance as they’re used during memorials. Color outside the lines by incorporating poppies into your garden this spring.

Gemini: Lavender (May 22–June 21) 

lavender flower

Gemini “Twins” are the super curious communicators of the zodiac. This air sign is known for being extremely intelligent and passionate. Lavender’s a strong scent that leaves a lasting impression, and the hue reflects the sign‘s innocent nature. Undoubtedly, you’ll know when a Gemini is in the room! So if you’re trying to make a bold statement (think Andre 3000), you’ll incorporate lavender into your garden.

The Twins are absolutely fitting as lavender since the flower speaks to our senses. We adore lavender since it works as a powerful scent and flavor! Twinning is winning. Lavender would make a perfect addition to your garden. 

Cancer: White Rose (June 22–July 22) 

white rose flower

Cancer or “The Crab” of the zodiac is also the super sensitive sign of the cosmos and is represented by an empowering white rose. Roses classically symbolize l-o-v-e. Such a fitting description since the tough-shelled crab loves to love others, and their love is simply pure. If you’re lucky enough to have a crab in your life, you’ve grown to not be fooled by their tough exteriors (or thorns).

Crabbies are total softies! White represents purity and light, and spring is a time of new beginnings. Crabs love being family-oriented and an Easter White rose would make an excellent addition to your garden. The sign of Cancer was born to nurture others, so take a step in cultivating your garden for the spring season with a symbol of pure love. With summer on the horizon, a future arrangement of white roses would look absolutely stunning for a wedding or engagement party.

Leo: Sunflower (July 23–August 22) 


Leo “The Lion” is the leader of the pack in astrology, as Leos command attention and love the spotlight. Leos are repped by the sun and this dramatic flower faces (you guessed it) the sun! This bold fire sign also happens to be a fixed sign, and these zodiac flowers thrive by facing the fiery star of our solar system. All eyes will be on you (and your garden). Plant moms and dads won’t be-leaf how these Leo babies take center stage so seamlessly.

Not to mention the fact that Leos love their manes, and the petals of a sunflower closely resemble the crown of a golden lion. Sunflowers make great gifts for future moms and deliver sweet surprises. You’ll want to pair a beautiful sunflower bouquet with your mommy-and-me gifts for Mother’s Day.

Virgo: Buttercup (August 23–September 23) 

buttercup flower

If you’re on the hunt for a perfectly picturesque planter for spring, then a stylish arrangement of buttercups is in order! Virgo “The Goddess” is the most meticulous sign, and they are obsessed with organization and putting a particular object back in its proper place. Although mutable, Virgos are persnickety perfectionists and dedicated to precision. Certainly passing their test, buttercups’ yellow hue captures pure sunshine and springtime bliss. If you hold up one of these zodiac flowers to your chin, you’ll see. 

Libra: Rose (September 24–October 23) 

rose flower

The most quintessential flower you could plant in your garden is reporting for duty! Libra are “The Scales” and serve cool, calm, and collected, so a rose is the perfect representation of this air sign. A favorite in pieces of classic literature, a rose by any other name would be plain sacrilege for a fabulous and ultra-feminine Libra. Symbolized by the scales, Libras are all about balance, so the fact that Libra is represented by a rose is incredibly appropriate.

Most Libras we know are super sweet, incredibly friendly and display strength in tough situations. Be cautious as these soft roses have thorns! This flower will give any potential planters a fair warning before stepping to them with their spiky custom-fit armor!  50% sweet and 50% tough for a blend that’s 100% pure beauty. 

Scorpio: Geranium (October 24–November 22) 

geranium flower

Scorpio “The Scorpion” is the most mysterious sign of the zodiac. Incredibly intelligent and sensual Scorpios captivate our senses. The beauty of the Geranium is dark and rich, and hues such as red, purple, and black exemplify Scorpios’ quiet yet bold nature. This water sign is also a fixed sign that stays cool and calm in complex situations and also thrives in extreme conditions. 

The scorpion is also not afraid to sting. Scorpios typically are drawn to the hidden and are rarely superficial. While the brooding sign seems to keep to themselves, they will open up eventually, just like Geranium buds. They’ll seduce you with the classic Scorpio stare as exemplified by this flower’s characteristic clusters.

Sagittarius: Carnation (November 23–December 21) 

carnation flower

Sagittarius “The Archer” captures our hearts with their super witty banter and their eye for precision! This fiery intelligent sign is one of the four mutable signs of the zodiac, and they can adapt to any environment. Carnations are known to absorb the pigment of the water feeding into them and reflect that shade through their delicate petals. That sounds like the Sagittarians we know! Make your garden an exceptional spring oasis with a superior one-of-a-kind design that can transform anyone into a carnation enthusiast.

Capricorn: Pansy (December 22–January 20) 

pansy flower

Capricorn “The Goat” is all about their paper, bread, cheddar, lettuce… you get it. Capricorns are money-making machines, so it’s quite accurate that the sign is all about abundance. Pansies are usually a euphemism for weaklings, but the sign is anything but that. Capricorns are fiercely protective of those which they hold dear, and they are super practical like most earth signs.

They are go-getters, goal-oriented, and like pansies, bloom even in frigid conditions. These winter gardening tips will make you a pro. This earth sign’s mantra is, “if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense,” (or in this case, scents) and will pursue their goals fiercely. If you spy a pansy in your midst, you’ll recognize their paper-thin petals, and their vibrant, striking hues in color schemes that’ll leave you speechless.

Aquarius: Orchid (January 21–February 19) 

orchid flower

Aquarius “The Waterbearer” is the quirky, smart, and often carefree air sign that marches to the beat of their own drum. Aquarians are often thought of as water signs because of their symbol (and name), but the air sign attracts attention even when they are not trying. Orchids are stunning, stand-out flora that will also attract a lot of attention if placed in your garden.

They appear in all sorts of shades and color combinations that seem to not typically exist in nature. Incognito is not their game. While those born under the sign of Aquarius usually do not care about what people think about them, the orchid requires a great deal of attention. Orchids garner a lot of looks and thrive when you speak directly to them (as Aquarians love a healthy debate). Orchids truly are the enigmatic girl-next-door of the zodiac flowers. 

Pisces: Water Lily (February 20–March 20) 

lily flower

Pisces “The Fish” is the creative, dreamy, enchanting, and super-sensitive sign of the zodiac, and they LOVE water. This sign is all about water, and the water lily illuminates the attributes of Pisces. As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces embodies different attributes of all 12 signs, and you can spot these sirens by their whimsical style and active imagination. Pisces are mutable signs and can adapt in unknown waters.

This sign’s quirks are apparent (and symbolized by two fish swimming opposite ways) as they look delicate but are absolutely resilient. Pisces are drawn to the mysterious and tap into their creative sides through music and art. These lily pads are giving us total palette vibes! If you’ve ever encountered a Pisces living the fantasy, you’ll find that underneath their soft nature is a sturdy foundation that holds up their world.



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