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Decorate AR in Interior Design

How Augmented Reality Is Shaping the Future of Interior Design

With advancements in AR technology, the boundaries of creativity and innovation are quickly expanding.

March 19, 2024 at 6:23 PM PST

Augmented reality, or AR, has transcended its gaming origins and is now making waves in the space of home interior design. Just what kind of potential does it offer to potential homeowners? See how this cutting-edge technology is reshaping the way we conceptualize and craft our living spaces, injecting innovation and excitement into the heart of our homes.

The Rise of Augmented Reality in Interior Design

The augmented reality market has experienced unprecedented growth, soaring from $14.7 billion in 2020 to a projected $88.4 billion by 2026. With such rapid expansion, it’s safe to say AR is poised to reshape how we perceive and interact with interior spaces.

The Future of Home Interior Design

Looking ahead, the future of home interior design is brimming with possibilities thanks to AR. Imagine a world where entire rooms can be digitally transformed with a swipe of your finger or where AR glasses provide instant design consultations on the go. With advancements in AR technology, the boundaries of creativity and innovation are quickly expanding. The future promises an exciting blend of imagination and reality, where even the most obscure design dreams are within reach.

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Redefining Design Visualization

No longer confined to sketching on paper or relying on static images, AR empowers you to immerse yourself in a dynamic virtual environment, giving you a layer of autonomy and control.

Improved Collaboration

AR helps dismantle the barriers that once hindered the design process. If you have a vision for a specific kind of home renovation, like a custom closet, traditionally the heavy lifting is on the company you contract to translate what’s in your head. If you don’t communicate properly, this could lead to misunderstandings and compromises. With AR, communication becomes seamless as you can visualize your concepts instantly. It’s a helpful solution that can bridge the gap between imagination and execution.

And since collaboration lies at the heart of effective design, this can only improve the creative process. Whether you’re working with a professional designer or seeking input from family members, it presents the opportunity to facilitate seamless communication and feedback. Share your AR-rendered designs with others, soliciting their opinions and insights in real time.

Eliminating the Need for “Girl Math” To Measure

One of the most significant advantages of AR in home interior design is the ability to “try before you buy.” Online shopping for furniture and decor can be daunting, with uncertainties about size, style, and compatibility. No longer will you have to use “girl math” or traditional measurements to see if something fits in your space. AR eliminates these uncertainties by allowing you to virtually place items within your living space.

From sofas to lighting fixtures, you can see how each piece complements your existing decor, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Apps like TapMeasure let you take accurate measurements of your space using your smartphone’s camera, making it easier to plan renovations and furniture placements.

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Artwork and Decor Visualization

Choosing artwork and decor pieces can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of a room. AR apps like’s ArtView lets you visualize how different artworks will look on your walls before making a purchase. This way, you can experiment with different styles and compositions, to find the perfect pieces to complement your space.

Virtual Room Design

This technology lets you virtually design entire rooms from scratch. Apps like Houzz offer features where you can visualize different layouts, furniture arrangements, and decor options in your space. This way, you can experiment with design ideas and create personalized interiors that reflect your unique style and preferences.

Virtual Home Tours

Real estate agencies and listing platforms have embraced AR technology to offer immersive experiences. They allow you to virtually walk through homes from the comfort of your own space. Apps like Zillow’s 3D Home Tours use AR to create interactive floor plans and lifelike walkthroughs. It can give you a sense of the layout, flow, and ambiance of a property before scheduling an in-person visit. Save time and travel costs and enjoy the freedom to explore multiple properties quickly and efficiently to narrow down your options. Finding the perfect home has never been easier or more convenient.


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