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DIY DIY/Why Not Bathroom Renovation

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Bathroom Renovation

Here's why influencer Lauren Comer chose to leave her bathroom renovation to the pros.

November 15, 2023 at 11:49 PM PST

Many times in interior design, DIY projects have become a popular trend, thanks in large part to influencers like Lauren Comer, AKA @pinchplateparty, who share their creative pursuits on social media platforms. However, even the most experienced DIY enthusiasts occasionally recognize the value of hiring professionals for certain projects. In a recent video, Lauren, shared her decision not to DIY her own bathroom renovation. Instead, she chose to hire a contractor for essential work, and here’s why.


Lauren began her bathroom renovation journey like many DIYers, armed with enthusiasm and a vision for her dream bathroom. She had experience with tiling and a knack for design, which made her confident in her ability to handle the project herself. However, as she dove deeper into the planning process, she realized that there were several reasons to bring in a professional contractor.
One of the primary factors influencing Lauren’s decision was cost. While DIY projects often seem more budget-friendly on the surface, the reality can be quite different. Lauren did the math and realized that purchasing all the necessary materials and tools, as well as factoring in the potential for mistakes and do-overs, could add up quickly. Hiring a contractor, on the other hand, meant a fixed cost and the assurance of quality workmanship.


Time was another major consideration. Lauren acknowledged that her bathroom renovation was a significant undertaking, and as an influencer, she had other commitments to balance. DIY projects can be time-consuming, especially when tackling complex tasks like framing, plumbing, drywall installation, and electrical work. By hiring a contractor, Lauren could free up her schedule and make sure that the project would progress efficiently.


Expertise was probably the most compelling reason for Lauren to enlist professional help. While she had the skills to handle tiling, the sheer scale of the project posed a daunting challenge. The bathroom renovation involved not only tiling the shower and floors but also installing custom glass and a toilet. These tasks required precision and technical know-how that extended beyond her DIY repertoire. Lauren understood that it was crucial to get these elements right to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

The Comprehensive Solution

One of the key advantages of hiring a contractor was the comprehensive solution they could offer. Lauren’s contractor didn’t just focus on one aspect of the project; they handled everything from framing to plumbing to electrical work. This all-inclusive approach streamlined the renovation process and eliminated the need for coordinating multiple contractors or tradespeople.
Framing, plumbing, drywall, and electrical work are the foundational components of any bathroom renovation. Getting these aspects right is essential for the long-term durability and look of the space. Lauren recognized that a skilled contractor could make sure that these critical elements were done well, giving her peace of mind and confidence in the final result, costing her an additional $4,900.


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