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Decorate Furniture Mistakes

TikTok Data Reveals the Top 3 Decor Mistakes Gen Z Is Making

If you're a 20-something, avoid these mistakes, stat.

June 20, 2024 at 4:29 PM PST
Decorate Furniture Mistakes

TikTok Data Reveals the Top 3 Decor Mistakes Gen Z Is Making

If you're a 20-something, avoid these mistakes, stat.

June 20, 2024 at 4:29 PM PST

Take a scroll through social media, and you’ll see that trends play a huge part in people’s home decor. Gen Z has especially given into consumerism culture, choosing trends like cottagecore, bookshelf wealth, and tomato girl over classic design, making them more likely to regret their decor choices in the future.

The experts at B2C Furniture recently used TikTok data to reveal the most common furniture mistakes that 20-somethings are making. “For a lot of people in their 20s, it’ll be their first time moving into a new home or a shared space, and they often won’t understand what pieces are necessities and what items are just ‘nice to haves’—ending up with a cluttered space rather than a practical one,” says Stacy Clarke, General Manager of B2C Furniture.

Clarke goes on to share the top mistakes that people in their 20s are making when it comes to decorating their homes and how to avoid them. These can apply to anyone of any age because, let’s face it, we all follow trends.

furniture in room
Photo Credit: B2C Furniture

Poor Space Planning

The most common mistake 20-somethings make is poor space planning. Amassing over 3 million views, this mistake can result in your space looking small and cramped. “One of the biggest no-nos is blocking doorways in any room. You need good access for your doors to open completely, as this will open up the space and make your room appear bigger,” Clarke reveals.

“For the bedroom, consider whether side tables would be practical, as you won’t always have space. In the living room and dining room, ensure that you can get easy access to the windows and that you’re not blocking your TV and entranceways.”

Clarke goes on to advise that the best thing you can do is understand your space and then plan from there. Multifunctional pieces are great because they will last through different phases of life.

sofa on top of rug
Photo Credit: B2C

Ordering Rugs That Are Too Small and Incorrect Rug Placements

A well-chosen and intentionally placed rug can upgrade any piece of furniture and the aesthetic of a room. With over 2 million views, it’s clear that 20-somethings are getting the art of rug shopping wrong. “This comes from not understanding the measurements of a room, as a correct rug size can amplify the space,” says Clarke.

“You should always have your rug sit underneath your sofa, about 30 to 40% in, and have the legs sit on top as this will open up the space and accentuate the size of your living room. The same goes for the foot of your bed frame if opting for a rug in the bedroom.”

An expert insight from Clarke is to make sure that your rug is wider than your sofa. If a rug is narrower than your sofa, it can completely throw off the proportions of the room. In the same breath, your rug should not dominate your room. If you’re unsure of what size rug to get, measure your room with a tape measure and make sure that there is breathing space around your rug.

Buying Matching Furniture Sets

The third biggest mistake that 20-somethings are making, with over a million TikTok views, is purchasing ‘one-stop’ furniture sets. “Matching furniture can often make a space appear dull,” says Clarke.

Instead, look for individual pieces that you’re drawn to and curate them for a cohesive space.

Other common mistakes include buying furniture that lacks structure, purchasing pieces that don’t match your lifestyle, not seeing furniture in person before purchasing, lack of lighting options, and rushing to decorate.


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