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Bath Fun Ideas for a Boho Bathroom

8 Creative Boho Bathroom Ideas to Spice Up Your Space

October 31, 2023 at 6:58 PM PST
Bath Fun Ideas for a Boho Bathroom

8 Creative Boho Bathroom Ideas to Spice Up Your Space

October 31, 2023 at 6:58 PM PST

For most people. the bathroom is more than just a place to shower, it is a self-care haven. Think makeup, skincare experiments, and a soothing shower or bath after a long day. Like any space intended for self-care, a serene atmosphere is a must. The boho style, a trend that has made its mark in fashion, home decor, and bedrooms in recent years, has design elements that align perfectly with this. If you’ve already incorporated the boho style into one of your rooms or living spaces, extending it to your bathroom is a natural choice. Because the boho style is so versatile, it’s easy to utilize texture, patterns, colors, funky prints, and plants. Boho takes on a mix of cultural elements, art, and personal aesthetics so there are so many styles and possibilities to choose from. Here are some fun ideas to try for your boho bathroom.

Create an Accent Wall

Create an accent wall using tile for a boho bathroom. Pictured: A bathroom with an accent tile wall and decor.

Create an eye-catching accent wall using paint, tile, or contact paper. This boho bathroom idea will add texture and color to the space and make it feel more open.  You can also decorate the wall to your preferred boho style and turn your bathroom into a self-care oasis.

Display Your Art

Add a gallery wall for the perfect boho bathroom aesthetic. Pictured: A gallery wall.

There’s nothing better than looking at pretty artwork while you relax in the tub. Buy a few artwork pieces from your local home decor store and display them on your bathroom wall. If you’re looking to personalize your art more, buy a few prints online, frame them, and hang them up. For the artist, draw or paint a few art pieces to display your work like a gallery wall in the bathroom.

Lay Down Tile Flooring

Add tile flooring to your boho bathroom to add texture and design. Pictured: a bathroom with tile flooring.

Add a statement to your bathroom by adding pretty tile flooring. For this boho bathroom idea, you can add marble flooring, colorful flooring, or flooring with different patterns and designs. Every time you step foot in your bathroom, you’ll be in love with your floor.

Use Different Textiles

Incorporate different textiles into your boho bathroom. Pictured: A bathroom with different flooring and wall designs.

Play around with different textures by adding different textiles to your boho bathroom. Add some textiles to the backsplash of your bathroom, and then use contact paper to add a marble or geometric design to the sink. Add tiles to one or two walls for a more textured look.

Try Bold and Bright Colors

Add color to your boho bathroom to brighten it up. Pictured: A blue bathroom.

You can never go wrong with color! Add bold and bright boho colors to your bathroom for a full bohemian look. Colors like sage green, bright yellow, orange, pink, blue, and fuscia all make for a great boho-theme room. Paint the walls or add colorful bathroom decor, artwork, or colorful flooring to make a bold and bright bathroom.

Go on a Tropical Vacation

Take yourself on a tropical vacation with this boho bathroom theme. Pictured: A bathroom with a plant.

Immerse yourself into a tropical vacation with this boho bathroom theme. For this idea, add fake plants like monstera leaves and include tropical and flamingo artwork to add to the essence of the theme. You can even take things a step forward and add a tropical-themed wallpaper to the bathroom. Rugs, shower curtains, and smaller decor items like towels and soap dispensers add to the tropical theme and are great for attention to detail.

Make a Statement With Decor Pieces

Add statement decor pieces like plants, vases or artwork to complete your boho bathroom design. Pictured: A bathroom with mirrors and a vase.

Every home needs a good statement decor piece. Add a few to your boho bathroom to complete the aesthetic and tie the room together. Whether this statement piece is artwork, vases, furniture, decor, soap dispensers, towels, or something else, this idea is a way to personalize your bathroom space while still keeping to the boho theme.

Mix Different Textures

Include rugs, texture, artwork, and furniture into your bathroom for the perfect boho bathroom aesthetic. Pictured: A bathroom

When you think of boho, you automatically think of different textures. Mix and match different textures in your bathroom to create the ultimate serene self-care space. This could include wood, woven textures, bamboo, soft rugs, tassel detailing, a chair with boho pillows and towels, tiles, artwork, and more. Since you can mix and match so many different items, aesthetics and textures, the possibilities are endless.



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