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7 Tips For Beating The Crowds This Black Friday

November 23, 2023 at 11:00 AM PST

Get ready because the most anticipated shopping day of the year is almost here. With the promise of incredible deals, Black Friday attracts tons of eager shoppers, making navigating crowds an anxiety-inducing task. However, with a bit of planning and strategy, you can make your Black Friday experience more manageable and enjoyable.

1. Remember: Early Preparation is Key

Start by researching deals and promotions before the big day. Many retailers release their Black Friday sales in advance, which allows you to compare prices and prioritize your shopping list. Apps and websites dedicated to Black Friday deals, such as ShopSavvy and Rakuten, can be great resources.

woman window shopping
Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

2. Create a Shopping Plan

Make a list of the stores you want to visit and the items you want. Hit up the places on your list according to the likelihood of the items you want selling out. This approach not only saves time but also helps in navigating through crowded malls more efficiently.

3. Shop Online

Online shopping is more popular than ever. Many Black Friday deals are now available online, often starting from midnight. Shopping from the comfort of your home is unmatched. Don’t forget to check for online exclusive deals.

woman shopping online
Photo Credit: Mikhail Nilov

4. Timing is Everything

If you prefer in-store shopping, go later in the day. While early morning is when most doorbuster deals occur, by mid-day, crowds usually thin out, making shopping more relaxed and enjoyable.

5. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Apps are great for helping you find the best routes in malls, compare prices on the go, and even locate hard-to-find items in nearby stores.

6. Comfort and Safety

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, stay hydrated, and take regular breaks. Crowded environments can be overwhelming, so it’s important to look after your well-being.

woman shopping
Photo Credit: Polina Tankilevitch

7. Be Patient

Remember that everyone is there to grab the best deals. A patient and courteous attitude can make the experience more pleasant for you and those around you.



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