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Home Wellness Centered Home

Here's How To Create a Wellness Centered Home, According to An Expert

From smart products to healthy habits, turn your home into a safe haven with tips from Chelsea Clark.

November 3, 2023 at 1:58 PM PST
Home Wellness Centered Home

Here's How To Create a Wellness Centered Home, According to An Expert

From smart products to healthy habits, turn your home into a safe haven with tips from Chelsea Clark.

November 3, 2023 at 1:58 PM PST

“Your home isn’t just a physical space; it’s your sanctuary, and its design and atmosphere can significantly impact your overall mental well-being.”

As a Master of Public Health and clean beauty and wellness content creator, Chelsea Clark is no stranger to living a wellness-centered lifestyle. Her home, by extension, is a testament to her commitment to well-being. As Clark says, a home is more than just four walls, and fostering a sense of well-being in your personal space extends beyond just style and aesthetics.

With this in mind, fusing your home’s interior with wellness-centered aspects is key to creating a holistic and balanced lifestyle. The connection between your home and your well-being is often underestimated, but transforming it into a dedicated haven for taking care of your mind and body can be integral to your mental and physical health. From incorporating nature to creating spaces for relaxation and self-care, the potential for wellness-centered design is limitless.

Fortunately, it’s easier than you may think to turn your home into a space that not only resonates with your personal style but also contributes to your well-being. Clark’s advice that she shared exclusively with Home & Texture can help you do just that, aligning your home with the principles of mindful living and helping you create your very own wellness-centered escape.

Photo credit: Chelsea Clark

Home & Texture: What do you think are the most significant design or decor elements that are essential for creating a home that promotes wellness?

Chelsea Clark: I believe in not overloading the walls with too much artwork or decoration. Leaving space for a “blank canvas” allows your mind to rest, reducing visual clutter. Mirrors are also a fantastic addition; they create an illusion of more space, making the area feel open and airy, which contributes to a sense of relaxation.

Creating a buffer from noise pollution is crucial. Rugs, curtains, and wall hangings can help dampen sound, making your home a quieter, more tranquil place. If possible, integrate outdoor space into your home design. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors without stepping out of your home. Even a small balcony or cozy garden can provide a place for relaxation and nature.

Photo credit: Chelsea Clark

H&T: Can you tell us about some of your favorite must-have home wellness products?

CC: First on my list is an essential oil diffuser, which promotes relaxation through aromatherapy. Saje Natural Wellness, Vitruvi, and Neom Organics all have great options. I’m also a fan of incense and non-toxic candles, as they help set the mood. Currently, I love Yield Design, Living Libations, and Trikola for incense, and Guided Flame Co. and Haven Well Within for candles. Candles and lamps with dim lighting help me wind down and drift off in the evening.

Ensuring good air quality is important for me. I don’t think we realize how much indoor air pollution we are all exposed to. I swear by using an air purifier, like an Air Doctor or a high-quality air filter. It’s especially important when spending a lot of time indoors, as clean air contributes significantly to your overall well-being.

I can’t get enough of pillows and throws. They’re perfect for creating cozy nooks for lounging and relaxation. And let’s not forget house shoes, socks, and rugs. In recent years, I learned from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that keeping your feet warm with house shoes, socks, or rugs is good for women’s reproductive health, so I try not to go barefoot in the house.

I drink tea daily, so I can’t go without my Fellow kettle and some loose-leaf herbs. Different teas require different brewing temperatures, so Fellow helps me make my tea perfect every time.

Photo credit: Chelsea Clark

H&T: What’s one area or space in your home that you feel contributes most to your overall relaxation and well-being, and what tips can you give to others for creating a similar space in their own homes?

CC: I just love my lanai. I have a deep love for the outdoors, and this space is where I can truly bring the outside in. The feeling of being in the sun, surrounded by the sound of birds chirping, my flower garden, and lounging on my outdoor couch is my idea of paradise. Depending on my mood, I can make it a place of solitude or transform it into a communal area when I need some social interaction.

For those looking to create a similar haven in their home, I recommend the following:

  1. Maximize natural light for a mood boost.
  2. Integrate nature with indoor plants or a garden.
  3. Prioritize comfortable seating.
  4. Personalize your space with cushions, throws, and lounge accessories.
  5. Create a flexible space for solitude or gatherings.
  6. Ensure adequate, adjustable lighting.
  7. Consider supporting your wellness through sound by using items like wind chimes, speakers, record players, etc.
Photo credit: Chelsea Clark

H&T: You’ve said in an Instagram post that health is all about habits. What role do daily routines and rituals play in maintaining a wellness-centered home? Can you share some of your personal daily habits that help you stay balanced and relaxed at home?

CC: For me, it starts with aromatherapy. I always use some form of it, whether it’s diffusing essential oils or lighting a scented candle. It’s a simple practice that helps create a calming atmosphere. I do this first thing in the morning.

In the winter, I combat seasonal depression with a sun lamp. It’s amazing how that extra dose of light can uplift your mood and keep seasonal depression at bay.

I tried to kick the coffee habit, but I realized I’m just happier with it. So, I’ve made it a part of my daily routine. I make espresso in my moka pot every morning.

Opening the windows daily is another practice I swear by. I let in some fresh air and bask in the sunlight on my lanai before I dive into my work. It’s a simple yet highly effective way to start the day feeling rejuvenated and grounded.

You can follow Chelsea (@thatchelsea) on Instagram to stay up to date with her home and all her latest wellness advice.

This article has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.



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