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interior design Calming Paint Colors

Tranquil Tones: The Most Calming Paint Colors To Add to Your Home

June 19, 2023 at 1:00 PM PST
interior design Calming Paint Colors

Tranquil Tones: The Most Calming Paint Colors To Add to Your Home

June 19, 2023 at 1:00 PM PST

When it comes to choosing a paint color for your home, you want colors that will feel welcoming throughout the year. Although only you can determine what colors are the most calming for you, there are a few colors you can consider to help you decide.

Paint colors that offer you a boost of dopamine don’t have to be bold, bright colors. Colors like white and off-white can also be calming colors. Those colors make your room look and feel cleaner and can do wonders in your bathroom and hallways.

Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, shared some color advice with Better Homes & Garden. “Color can help shape our day-to-day environments and impact our mood,” she explained. “So when selecting colors, people should think about how they want the space to make them feel and let their emotions guide their decisions.” In other words, you can add more tranquility to your home with the right colors.

Calming Paint Colors To Consider for Your Home

white paint color
Photo credit: Max Rahubovskiy

Even though a lot of colors look beautiful in pictures and online, the best way to see if they will work for you is to test them. When testing paint colors in your home consider where the sun and light will hit it. Also consider how much space you will have because furniture takes up room and can alter how you look at colors. After that, consider your trim colors, too. You don’t want a relaxing color that clashes with your current trimming and aesthetic.


lavender walls
Photo credit: Kikacolors

Lavender as a paint color can do so much. It is subtle and can be an alternative for colors such as white or gray. It has the ability to make a room more soft or stand out. You can tap into some Renaissance-like glam by adding wicker or wooden pieces to complement this color.


peach walls
Photo credit: ShopDano

Peach is a very versatile color. It’s not too bright, but it will open up a room for you. Peach walls will look good in just about every room, but consider using this color in a space where you intend to have people gather. You can even use it in the bedroom and offset the color with beautiful green plants or other florals.

Deep Green

green wall color
Photo credit: Graham & Green

This color might seem a bit too dark or daunting for some, but this color can be just as calming, too. This color can really warm up your kitchen or bathroom. In your kitchen, this color can possibly help you embrace more plant-based foods and create a more sophistocated atmosphere to dine in.

Light Blue

light blue walls
Photo credit: agofstore

Bring more tranquility to your home with light blue paint shades. This color can do more for your home outside of a baby’s nursery. You can transform a room into a place of serenity with this lovely shade. Wadden describes this type of blue as “soothing and grounding colors that encourage well-being.” It’s hard to look at this color and not agree.


aubergine walls
Photo credit: Eerdmans New York

Aubergine is a beautiful eggplant color that will look amazing against earth tones. This is an ideal color for a foyer, home office or entryway that will really make a statement. This rich color complements wood as well and would boost the lighting in any room. This color just exudes luxury.



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