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Adrienne Bailon-Houghton's Elegant Home is an Organic Modern Dream

Take a look inside Adrienne Bailon-Houghton's beautifully designed home she calls "Chateau Houghton."

October 24, 2023 at 10:24 PM PST

You might know Adrienne Bailon-Houghton as former co-host of “The Real” and one of your favorite Disney stars (Cheetah Girls, stand up!), but she also owns two gorgeous homes in Los Angeles and New York. The interiors are so breathtaking that we had to give you a peak at her newly renovated East Coast residence, Chateau Houghton. Midway through renovations, Bailon shared every transformation in the traditional style home in her series “All Things Adrienne.”

Organic textures and warm colors lead the way in the East Coast home. Marble is the center, followed by stone and wood. Although some interior designers may tell you not to try clashing metals, Bailon’s use of silver and gold is elegant and tasteful. Abstract shapes come into play, with gorgeous artwork and sculptures all around. Here’s a deep dive into the Chateau’s fresh look.

Photo Credit: @chateauhoughton / Instagram

A Sophisticated and Moody Office

Starting with the office, she swapped out the backsplash in the green marble fireplace and added a stunning chandelier. To match the wood walls and flooring, she furnished it with a beautiful gold-trimmed mahogany desk. The classic touches don’t end there, however. The cream plush velvet seating and salt-and-pepper marble coffee table are our favorite details.


Photo Credit: @adriennebailon / Instagram

A Minimal and Modern Living Room

Bailon removed the double vintage candle-style chandeliers, the television, and the gigantic wooden armoire. For lighting, she went with a single pendant chandelier. On her decision to get rid of the TV in the shared space, she said she feels they don’t belong in every room of the house because “It just kills the moment to have great conversations,” she says.

Photo Credit: @adriennebailon / Instagram

A Warm Yet Very Chic Kitchen

How does having two full kitchens on different levels sound? It’s a dream that we’re vicariously living through this home. Herringbone floors in the stain “Weathered Oak” ushered in the complete remodel of the upstairs kitchen. Instead of a contemporary island, she went with a free-standing marble table and used the same beige and white marble for the countertops and backsplash.

Photo Credit: @chateauhoughton / Instagram

A Mahogany Butler’s Pantry

Left nearly untouched, the real mahogany butler’s pantry would’ve cost a hefty $80,000 to makeover. Nevertheless, Bailon incorporated a hint of her style by simply replacing the wallpaper and curtains.

Photo Credit: @chateauhoughton / Instagram

A Luxurious Master Bed and Bathroom

A warm and cozy stone mantle fireplace and custom window-to-window bed make the master the moment of the house–complete with walk-in closets. But what makes it a statement is the double marble shower, marble sinks, and tub, gold fixtures, and heated floors in the full bathroom. Wait, there’s more. The huge vanity section with sconces accompanied by seating and plant decor is ultra-luxurious, and we love it.

Along with these designs, Bailon’s home features a stone pantry and a family room with a grand piano. She remodeled her hallways to a textured stone finish complemented by sconces at every door. Likewise, she upgraded the winding staircase with black rod-iron spindles.

Photo Credit: @adriennebailon / Instagram

An Upscale and Inviting West Wing

The grandeur and inviting ambiance of the home that mixes old and new cannot be understated. While we covered a few spaces in the home’s east wing, the west wing has several bedrooms and bathrooms. On this side, you can find the guest suite and a bed once owned by Desi Perkins. Moreover, there’s a wall devoted to family photos and cherished moments.



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