Modern Boho Home Office Pieces Inspired by Carmeon Hamilton
Homeownership Modern Bohemian Home Office

Create Your Modern Bohemian Home Office, Inspired By Carmeon Hamilton

March 31, 2023 at 7:56 PM PST
Homeownership Modern Bohemian Home Office

Create Your Modern Bohemian Home Office, Inspired By Carmeon Hamilton

March 31, 2023 at 7:56 PM PST

If you haven’t had a chance to tune in to our first episode of Home & Texture’s House Tours, you should tune in ASAP. We had an inside look at Memphis-based designer and creative Carmeon Hamilton’s epic home. Self-described as modern bohemian design, Hamilton’s home is filled with plants, geometric prints and modern furniture pieces.


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We especially loved how she designed her home office. “This is where the hub of two businesses are,” Hamilton said. Her office is an open concept and located in the same area as her living room. The space was so large that Hamilton divided it into two functional areas for work and play.

“Since this space was so wide open, I wanted to break things up using different textures and also color blocking on the walls,” Hamilton shares. “The living room side of this room, which is one long room, I’ve painted black to represent the lounge area of the room. The office side of the room is painted white because that’s where we work. We want to be energized.”

If you’re a creative entrepreneur like Hamilton, your work area should inspire you to create and innovate. A modern bohemian-designed home office perfectly blends eclectic, natural elements and sculptural pieces to create a warm, inviting and inspiring space.

Don’t be afraid to play with textures, patterns and plants when curating your home office. This space is all about adding your personal touch.

If you want to create a modern bohemian home office like Carmeon Hamilton, start by shopping the pieces below.

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Modern Bohemian Home Office Pieces Inspired By Carmeon Hamilton

Oval Black Wood Storage Desk

A desk is one of the first things you need when curating an office space as a creative. It’s a surface to get admin work done, put together pitches and treatments or sketch ideas. Having a functional, sturdy and sleek desk will make your office a space that you’ll want to spend time in and get excited to work. Black furniture works well in modern bohemian spaces because it’s chic and goes with natural tones. This modern desk has two rounded sides for optimal storage. There is one shelf included on each side. This CB2 exclusive is an elevated approach to a well-designed office desk.

Charcoal Grey Boucle Office Chair

Adding texture to your home office’s modern bohemian aesthetic is a great finishing touch. Texture can be added through rugs, pottery and even an office chair. This super chic office chair is upholstered with a wool-rich boucle. The charcoal hue adds a unique tone to a modern bohemian color palette. It pairs well with a black desk or wall. Choosing an office chair with comfort and style is vital. This chair offers the support you’ll need when working all day, while having a clean look. This chair’s height, till and swivel functionality make it a practical choice. It’s a well-detailed and designed chair to inspire and delight.

Microplush Geo Knitted Area Rug

A beautiful rug is a sure way to bring together your home office’s look and feel. When choosing a rug for a modern bohemian office, look for rugs with a natural color palette and geometric pattern. This rug’s geometric lines and shapes work well with its charcoal and white color scheme. This rug adds dimension, texture and warmth to your home office. It’s the perfect finishing touch to stray away from a minimalist design and focus on a modern bohemian aesthetic. The rug not only is stunning to look at, but also feels luxurious when walking on it.

Artificial Dasheen Leaf in Basket

There’s no better way to add a pop of color to a modern bohemian-designed space than with a lush, green plant. If you’d rather spend your days working on your creative projects instead of worrying about caring for plants, an artificial plant is your best bet. There are faux plants out there that look like real ones, like this artificial dasheen leaf in a basket. Adding a plant to your home office is a great way to add color, brighten your mood and inspire creativity. The plant comes in a woven rattan basket, which is perfect for modern bohemian color palettes. You can place it on a table in your office or on the floor to complete the bohemian vibe.

‘Light Of Day’ Framed Giclee Art Print

To feel inspired, creatives need to be surrounded by beauty, art and other creatives. When working in your home office, having art pieces to look at is essential. It can brighten your mood and mental health. Curating art for a modern bohemian home office means choosing abstract pieces with a natural color palette, like this ‘Light Of Day’ piece. This print adds nature by depicting sunrise and a bold graphic composition. The artist, Kim Knoll, created this piece during a trip to Florida. “I was inspired by the sun rising and its bright light peeking through blind slats on a window,” she said. The Chicago-based artist paints memories and moments from their time spent in nature.

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