Unique Christmas Tree Themes For Your Home
Decorate Christmas Tree Themes

Unique Christmas Tree Themes For Your Home

December 22, 2023 at 1:50 PM PST
Decorate Christmas Tree Themes

Unique Christmas Tree Themes For Your Home

December 22, 2023 at 1:50 PM PST

Decorating the Christmas tree is an annual tradition that creates memories and brings families together. There’s nothing better than kicking off the Christmas season by decorating the house, baking cookies and playing fun Christmas games with the family. If you still haven’t decorated or put up your tree, there are so many types of lights, different colors, ornaments, garlands and skirts you could decorate your tree with.

Picking out a theme for your tree can be a fun activity for the family and a new tradition every year. Most people might stick to the regular red and green colors with silver and gold thrown in, but why not switch it up to something more unique? Or something that makes your guests want to know how you came up with such a great idea. Whether you decide to get a real tree or a fake tree, a big or small tree, or the regular Christmas green tree or a colorful one, picking the right tree for your theme and home is important. Then you can buy the decorations to make everything match up.

Create memories and bonding moments with these unique Christmas tree themes.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Create a theme from everyone's favorite holiday movie. A Grinch-themed tree will be fun for the whole family to decorate. Pictured: A Christmas tree with Grinch-themed decor.

Having a Grinch-themed tree is not only a fun tree that kids and Grinch fans can enjoy, but it also pays homage to one of the most popular Christmas movies. Start off with a light green tree and decorate it with Grinch ornaments, add red bows to represent his heart and a Grinch-themed tree skirt to tie everything together.


Use pink garland, ornaments and a skirt to decorate your pink tree for a pinkmas Christmas tree theme. Pictured: Pink garland

Merry Pinkmas! Create an all-pink theme for your Christmas tree this year. Pick a tree in the shade of pink, either light or dark. Then, go all out with the pink decorations. Use ornaments of multiple shades of pink, pink garland, pink beads, a pink tree skirt, and top it off with a pink bow and pink lights.


Make your tree more fun by incorporating your favorite characters in the mix. Add character ornaments, cardboard cut outs and more for this unique Christmas tree theme. Pictured: A superhero Christmas tree.

Bring an eclectic vibe to your home with a character-themed tree. Add character ornaments from your favorite movies, books, tv shows and comic books. From Spider-Man to Harry Potter to Snoopy or the Minions, there are so many ornaments to choose from.


For all of our foodies out there, you're gonna love this tree! Make a food-themed Christmas tree with food ornaments from Target, Walmart, Five Below or your local Christmas stores. Pictured: A Christmas tree with food ornaments.

Another fun Christmas tree theme is to utilize food. Create a food-themed tree with food ornaments. Use either a regular green tree or a white tree. Choose from your favorite food-themed ornaments from like pop tarts, eggo waffles, ramen noodles, butter, vegetables and more. Like a buffet, the food (ornament) options are endless!

Toys and Games

For all of the adults and kids who love toys and games, you can create a Christmas tree for some of your favorites. For this theme, all you need are ornaments of your favorite games and toys. Pictured: A rubik's cube ornament

Celebrate your inner child with a Christmas tree theme of toys and games. From Twister ornaments to Rubik’s cube ornaments and Yahtzee ornaments, this fun idea is perfect for the family who spends every week doing game nights.

Sweet Treats

Satisfy your sweet tooth craving by creating a candy and sweets-themed Christmas tree. Use candy canes, candy ornaments and gingerbread and cookie decorations for this theme. Pictured: A candy cane hanging from a Christmas tree.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a sweet treats Christmas tree theme. Grab as many candy canes as you want and place them on your tree. Then, incorporate different candy-like ornaments like peppermint, chocolate bars, M&M’s and more. Add extra touches by including sweet drink ornaments. For decorations, add red and white striped ribbon, a gingerbread Christmas tree skirt or a rainbow garland. Have the kids join in by making gingerbread, candy cane or cookie ornaments.

Let It Snow

Create a Winter Wonderland with a snow Christmas tree theme. Pictured: A snowy Christmas tree.

Create a winter wonderland in your home with a snowy Christmas tree. A white tree or a green flocked tree with artificial snow works perfect for this theme. Add icicle or snowflake ornaments, a white Christmas tree skirt, white or silver ribbon and a snowflake Christmas tree topper. Add your favorite decor around the tree like fake snow, pinecones glass reindeer and more.

Letters to Santa

Create a letters to Santa Christmas tree theme by adding letters, mailboxes, garland and a cute Santa plush figure for fun! Pictured: Letters to Santa.

Create a magical Christmas for the kids this year with a letters to Santa Christmas tree theme. Start off with using adorable accents like red and white ribbons or colorful garlands. Then add your mailboxes all around the tree, along with vintage letters with stamps and letters that the kids wrote. Include ornaments that match the style of the mailboxes and a Christmas tree topper. Instead of a tree skirt, decorate the bottom with all of the wrapped gifts under the tree.

Rainbow Wonderland

Use the colors of the rainbow for this colorful and vibrant Christmas tree theme. Pictured: A tree with rainbow colorful ornaments

When it comes to Christmas tree themes, try out a unique yet elegant twist by doing a rainbow tree. While you may need more ornaments for this theme, it’s definitely worth it. Use ornaments that are the colors of the rainbow, and line them up from bottom to top in a spiral effect. Start with red at the bottom and end with purple at the top. You can even throw in a few extra colors for an ombré effect.

Elf On The Shelf

These mischievous little elves have taken over your Christmas tree. Create an Elf on the Shelf Christmas tree theme by letting these little guys wander and roam your tree. Have the kids find them using clues on Christmas day for a fun activity. Pictured: An elf on the shelf in a Christmas tree.

A classic twist to everyone’s favorite Christmas tradition, create some mischief in your home with an Elf on the Shelf-themed tree. Have these little guys doing any and everything on the tree. Sitting, climbing, grabbing ornaments, sliding down ribbons, or just anything that those little elves would be doing. This is a fun way to get the kids involved in decorating.


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