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Here's Why Clorox Is Struggling With Product Shortages Across Stores

October 12, 2023 at 5:34 PM PST

For many people, when it comes to convenient cleaning, The Clorox Company is the go-to. Not only does the popular manufacturer have a wide selection of products to be used for multiple purposes, but they’re safe and effective to use on nearly any surface. But if you’ve happened to notice your favorite Clorox product is harder to find nowadays, you’re not alone.

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Clorox Cleaned Out After Crippling Cyberattack

Recently, Clorox announced that it had become the victim of a cyberattack, which caused quite a bit of damage to parts of its information technology infrastructure. The attack led to “widescale disruptions” that heavily impacted operations. And as a result, a lot of the products you’re used to seeing on the shelves are harder to come by. Plus, when stores do carry them, it can be challenging to keep them in stock due to consumer demand.

Of course, if you can’t find certain Clorox products in-store, you might try to order them online. However, due to the damage caused by the cyberattack, employees are having to process and fulfill orders manually. This means you could be waiting a lot longer than expected.

Fortunately, the company says that the cyberattack was swiftly contained and that they are working hard to resume their normal operations as quickly as possible.

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What To Use Instead

If you can’t find your favorite Clorox products right now, there are plenty of other brands and products to shop in the meantime.

For example, BLK + GRN is a popular Black-owned company that carries all-natural household cleaning products in the cleaning, laundry, and aromatherapy space. And Pardo Naturals is another Black-owned company that creates all-purpose cleaners you can use in every room, plus your skin and hair.

For more incredible cleaning brands and products, check out our list of non-toxic cleaning supplies. Or to guarantee you never run out of your favorite cleaner again, try making it yourself with this easy DIY cleaning recipe for the eco-friendly home.



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