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4 DIY Eco-Friendly Cleaning Recipes for a Greener Home

October 10, 2023 at 6:04 PM PST

Many of us grew up with bleach as the only solution for deep cleaning by way of our parents. But after learning about it’s terrible effects on both ourselves and the environment, the search began for a more green-friendly way. You might be surprised at how easily you can make non-toxic cleaning products that are also versatile and effective. Check out these DIY cleaning products for a greener, cleaner home and learn the benefits of using them.

Harmful cleaning products
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They reduce environmental impacts.

When you use conventional cleaning products, the environment suffers. Harmful chemicals can end up in the air and water, causing pollution. Eco-friendly products are biodegradable and do not harm ecosystems, making them a responsible choice for the planet and your home.

They improve indoor air quality.

Many commercial cleaning products release VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, into the air, leading to poor indoor air quality. Eco-friendly alternatives help maintain cleaner and healthier indoor air, especially important for those with allergies or sensitivities.

They are cost-effective.

Making your own eco-friendly cleaning products is often more budget-friendly than purchasing commercial alternatives. Basic ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon can replace multiple expensive products. Just when we thought we needed to rely on all those ingredients that are difficult to pronounce!

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They are customizable.

When you create your cleaning products, you have control over the ingredients. You can customize scents and choose ingredients that meet your specific cleaning needs. Your home could smell like a grapefruit rainforest or an endless field of French lavender.

They reduce plastic waste.

This is a big one. Our oceans and landfills are quickly filling up with plastic. DIY cleaning products typically use reusable containers, reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles. This small change can have a big impact on reducing plastic waste.

Woman cleaning her kitchen
Photography Credit: Liliana Drew

DIY Cleaners You Can Make Today

1. All-Purpose Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is a versatile staple in any eco-friendly cleaning arsenal. It’s perfect for wiping down countertops, cleaning sinks, and even tackling spills. Here’s how to make it.

  • 1 part water
  • 1 part white vinegar
  • A few drops of your favorite essential oil (e.g., lavender, lemon, tea tree)

Find a clean spray bottle, preferably one you can reuse from a previous cleaning product. Mix equal parts water and white vinegar in the spray bottle. White vinegar is an excellent natural disinfectant and degreaser. Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to give your cleaner a pleasant scent. Essential oils like lavender and tea tree also have antibacterial properties. Secure the spray nozzle and give the bottle a gentle shake to mix the ingredients. Of course, don’t forget to label the bottle with the contents and usage to avoid confusion.

2. Glass Cleaner

For streak-free windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces, you can easily create an eco-friendly glass cleaner with just a couple of ingredients:

  • 1 part white vinegar
  • 1 part water

Grab a clean spray bottle and combine equal parts white vinegar and water. Seal the bottle and give it a gentle swirl to mix the solution. Use a lint-free cloth or even a piece of newspaper to wipe the glass surfaces with your DIY cleaner.

3. Natural Disinfectant

Maintaining a clean and germ-free environment is important, especially in high-traffic areas. Use this natural disinfectant on frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and countertops to help keep your home germ-free.

  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Tea tree oil

Find a clean spray bottle—you’re getting the hang of this by now! Mix water and white vinegar in equal parts. This combination provides the cleaning power. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the mixture. Tea tree oil is well-known for its antimicrobial properties. Secure the spray nozzle and give the bottle a gentle shake to combine the ingredients.

4. Grease-Cutting Kitchen Cleaner

Kitchens can be some of the toughest areas to clean due to grease buildup. Luckily, you can concoct a potent yet eco-friendly grease-cutting cleaner using just two ingredients.

  • Baking soda
  • Water

In a small bowl, mix the baking soda and water. Start with a few tablespoons of baking soda and add water slowly until you achieve a paste-like consistency. Apply the paste to greasy stovetops, ovens, or any other grimy kitchen surfaces. Let the paste sit for a few minutes to loosen the grease. Scrub gently with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth. Rinse the area with water and wipe clean.



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