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Kitchen Color Schemes

Here's the Best Color Schemes for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

June 10, 2023 at 12:30 PM PST

The kitchen is the area of the home that brings the family together through cooking, fellowship, fun and laughter. It is the area that catches your eye. It can be a dealbreaker to some depending on size, appliances or cabinets. Being that cabinets take most of the kitchen, they have the potential to ruin the aesthetic of the kitchen. Dark cabinets, in particular, can change the whole appearance and take away the spark in your home. However, with specific color schemes, you can make dark cabinets work best for your home’s personal style.

When choosing color schemes for a darker kitchen, you should always consider how much lighting is coming into the kitchen. That will help determine which colors will be best to use. It will create a sense of stability and balance. If you’re one who likes to stick to tradition, but stay modern, then a neutral color palette may be more of your lane. If you’re someone who wants to demonstrate personality and be bold with your decor, go for vibrant color schemes. Whatever you choose, sticking to the color scheme using different textures, patterns and accents can really transform your kitchen space.

Here are some color schemes that compliment darker cabinets in the kitchen.

Going Green

dark kitchen with green accents
Photo credit: Max Rahubovskiy

Lighter greens and emerald green paired with an off or warm white brings an earthy feel to your kitchen. The dark cabinetry combined with the green gives off a luxury feel, and creates a cozy and homey look.

For a more unique scheme, pairing green with wooden features also compliments the dark cabinets. You can incorporate greens and wooden pieces with plants and other decor accessories, like flower vases, kitchen hand towels, wooden utensils and cutting boards.

Brilliantly Bold

yellow home decor
Photo credit: Max Rahubovskiy

If you’d like to create personality, then bold color schemes are the way to go. Bold colors, such as yellow and burnt orange, will bring your kitchen to a whole new level. Pairing up bold and vibrant colors with darker ones produces the right amount of balance and cohesiveness. You can add that dynamic, bold touch through your barstools choice, pictures, flower arrangements and a bowl of fruits.

Go Nude: Traditional Neutrals

neutral black and white kitchen
Photo credit: Max Rahubovskiy

Traditionally, most people like to play it safely with neutral colors. However, neutral colors aren’t always a bad thing. White, brown, black and other dark pigments are timeless and classic colors that keep your kitchen area modernized and fresh. You don’t have to do a lot when you go neutral, and it’s extremely easy on the eye.

Priming Up With Prints and Patterns

patterned bowl
Photo credit: Karen Laark Boshoff

Marble is another great way to accentuate dark kitchen cabinets. The two combined sets you up for a sleek and modern look. You can add marble to your countertops or your kitchen backsplash.

When it comes to prints, the options are limitless. From floral to geometric shapes, it solely depends on you and your preference. Adding prints to your kitchen grabs the attention and becomes the centerpiece to a dark kitchen. Be careful in the prints and patterns you select because sometimes it can become too overwhelming and clash with the cabinets. However, when done correctly, the print can bring out the beauty in your kitchen. Prints and patterns can be added to plates, kitchen decor or backsplash.



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