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In Living Color: These Recent Interior Home Collections are Anything But Boring

August 1, 2023 at 1:16 AM PST

Just when you might be getting in the mood to redecorate or refurnish your space, a new collection launches full of fresh inspiration for your home. Brands like Kohler, Jared Beasley, Color Kind Studio, Herman Miller, The Citizenry, Eskayel and Graff all have brand new collections with items ranging from furniture to bathroom finishes. These collections are perfect for everything from embracing color to adding texture to everything in between.

No matter where you sit on the spectrum of interior design, these beautifully-hued collections all have something you can add to your home. These brands are fully embracing color in unexpected ways, too. Earlier this year, Kohler released its Heritage Colors campaign to celebrate its 150th year of design leadership. The collection includes eye-catching, free-standing baths, sinks, toilets and hardware.

These Colorful Home Collections Bring Color and Culture To Your Home

kohler peachblow sink
Photo credit: Kohler

The Kohler collection is so mesmerizing that interior design and artist Justina Blakeney took a 1930s popular hue from the brand and revamped a bathroom to a jaw-dropping serene oasis.  “I wanted to take Art Deco elements from that time period, like geometric shapes and ornaments, but update them with my modern, boho aesthetic,” Blakeney explains. The Kohler bathroom fixtures and hardware give you that old-school feel but with an updated, polished look. “Peachy pink and green is one of my all-time favorite combos, so I immediately knew the color story,” she says.

But Kohler isn’t the only brand taking up space in technicolor. Color In Kind Studio also has a current collection with an array of picturesque wallpaper that can embrace both the coastal cowgirl and the dopamine home decor trends.

The Citizenry recently also collaborated with the Mexican Indigenous Zapotec women to create a timeless capsule called, “Mexico”. The collection includes 18 handmade pieces that include rugs, decor, tabletop accessories and textiles.

Eskayel also released a collection called, “Ecuatorial Geometry”. This drop features wallpaper that uses watercolor designs to create visually enticing imagery for your home.

These current interior design collections focus on colors that can complement a number of styles and trends without being boring.




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