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Wellness Work-Life Balance

How To Create a Work-Life Balance That’s Right for You

October 24, 2023 at 6:34 PM PST
Wellness Work-Life Balance

How To Create a Work-Life Balance That’s Right for You

October 24, 2023 at 6:34 PM PST

For many people, working from home is a dream come true. Not only do you get to skip the morning commute, but you can also enjoy a way more flexible schedule and work-life balance — or so they say.

Working from home is considered a luxury, but it doesn’t always provide the work-life balance that many people dream of having. Instead, many people find themselves working even longer hours than they did before they began working from home. And the household chores you thought would get done start to pile up instead.

Fortunately, if your work-life balance is out of whack, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are a number of ways to take control of your schedule to find a balance that truly works for you. Here are six tips for how to create a better work-life balance.

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Set boundaries.

According to a Stanford study, participants who worked from home found that their productivity increased by 13%. This is partly attributed to remote employees taking fewer breaks and sick days.

But even though productivity is great, overworking yourself isn’t. So to avoid feeling burnt out, set clear boundaries around when you can be available for work. And when you’re outside of office hours, turn off your notifications to ensure your free time is yours to keep.

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Prioritize self-care.

Self-care isn’t just a buzzword you find on social media, it’s a whole lifestyle. Prioritizing taking care of your mental and physical health is vital to your quality of life, so don’t neglect it! To take charge of your health, put self-care on your To-Do list every day. You can do this by starting a new hobby, taking a bubble bath, enjoying a glass of wine, or doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

Create a routine.

Without a proper schedule, juggling responsibilities like cooking meals, doing laundry, and paying bills while working, can take up a lot of time. Fortunately, if you find that your schedule is out of whack, creating a routine can add to your work-life balance by providing structure. To create a daily routine, build a realistic schedule that schedules your household responsibilities while including breaks to relax.

Just say ‘no.’

Learning to say ‘no’ is a lot easier said than done. But if you want a healthy work-life balance, it’s a necessity. So instead of overcommitting when others ask for help, be honest about what you can and cannot do. You should only agree to tasks that align with your priorities, so be sure to politely decline if you’ve reached your capacity.

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Take a breather.

It can be easy to get caught up in work without your boss reminding you to take lunch or leave for the day. But forgetting to take frequent breaks can lead to feelings of exhaustion and burnout. And when it comes to your physical health, prolonged sitting can do more harm than good.

To avoid this, experts recommend taking a quick break every 30 minutes so you can move throughout the day. But that’s not all — using your sick days is also important for your mental health so make sure to enjoy a nice vacation at least once every year.

Remember, when you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t properly take care of others. So be sure to take time to rest so you can come back to work better than ever.

Leave work at work.

Part of what makes working from home appealing is that you can work on the couch, in the kitchen, or even from your bed! But without a designated workstation, it’s easy to let work overflow into your personal life.

If you want to maintain a healthy work-life balance, consider building a designated office or workstation. Not only does this provide a quiet space that promotes productivity, but you can also leave your work behind when the day is done so you can enjoy doing things outside of work.



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