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News Hack My Home Netflix Series

First Look: 'Hack My Home' Dream Team Previews New Netflix Reno Series

June 14, 2023 at 10:10 PM PST
News Hack My Home Netflix Series

First Look: 'Hack My Home' Dream Team Previews New Netflix Reno Series

June 14, 2023 at 10:10 PM PST

Set your alarms because there is a new home renovation series coming to inspire homeowners across the country. “Hack My Home” will be an eight-episode series on Netflix that will help homeowners transform their homes to fit their needs. The families they will help are people who are not looking to move out of their homes but to make their current homes better.

Each episode will focus on a different homeowner, and the experts will be tested on their knowledge to help the families who need it the most.

hack my home on netflix
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In a press release, Netflix revealed that viewers can expect the show to be “jam-packed with aspirational and jaw-dropping transformations.” The streaming service also explained that you can expect to see the cast “combine their skills to transform overcrowded spaces with their creative, out-of-the-box builds, decor and storage solutions to ensure that every square inch is maximized to its fullest potential for their clients.”

Meet The Cast

Ati Williams will be in charge of the construction aspect of the show. “If you’ve been racking your brain for clever ways to maximize every cubic inch of your home, without expanding its physical footprint, I’m here to reveal some construction wizardry,” she explained to TV Insider. “You’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished within your home’s existing boundaries. Also, I’ll be wearing my disco globe hardhat! ”

Brooks Atwood will be leading all the innovations on the show. Atwood explained that the show “offers a unique look and take into what actually goes into a home renovation, through the lens of innovation.” Atwood added, “You get to see how innovation works. The failures, wild solutions, stuff you haven’t seen before on a design show. Imagine a bed coming out of the ceiling … just saying!”

Jessica Banks will be the go-to person for all things engineering. “Watch this robotics engineer turned inventor solve seemingly impossible space (think stairs, not stars) problems in ingenious ways,” she said. “I am excited to empower you with technology and charge your brain with curiosity!”

Last but not least is Mikel Welch who is in charge of design. He admitted that the stakes are high for someone in his position. “This is not another predictable and vanilla home makeover show. We have furniture that retracts from the ceiling, hidden speakeasy-style home offices, and so much more!”

“Hack My Home” is sure to entertain and is set to premiere on Netflix on July 7.



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