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Everything You Need To Know About Home Fumigation

June 22, 2023 at 9:00 AM PST

If you have annoying pests or bugs that you can’t get rid of, you may need to consider fumigating your home. If you aren’t aware of the process it takes to eliminate those pests for good, here is everything you need to know about home fumigation.

Fumigating Your Home

To have your home fumigated can be costly, typically between $2,000 and $8,000. Most pest control companies charge by the square footage of your home, about $1–$4 per square foot. The average square footage of a home is roughly 1,700 feet, which is the equivalent of $7,000, according to This Old House. The number can fluctuate depending on how bad the infestation is. You also have to factor in the amount of labor it takes to eradicate it. Keep in mind that the price is on top of what you will spend for any lounging accommodations while pest control eliminates it.

After preparing for the cost, notify your utility company to turn off your gas. Then, it’s time to double-bag your items. Place boxed foods and medicines in bags and put them in the refrigerator. Don’t forget about your pets and plants, as those will need to be removed or covered, too.

When You Need To Consider Fumigation

The fumigation process can be tedious, but it’s necessary if your pest problem is out of control. Termites can weaken your home foundation and contribute to the decaying of your floors and walls.

Once you contact pest control, they will be able to determine when and if your home needs to be fumigated. Oftentimes, homes rarely receive the tent treatment. But if ants or termites are in the foundation of your home, that may be the last option.

What To Do Once Your Home Is Fumigated

Wild Wild Pest Control cautions that homeowners should plan how they will enter their homes post-fumigation. “This re-entry notice is important because the utility company will not resume service to your home without it. You’ll also need to make a special ‘fumigation gas turn on/unlock’ appointment with your utility company and be available to meet a utility worker at your home in order to get your gas turned on. If possible, make this appointment at least a week or two before the scheduled fumigation. Otherwise, if you only call to make an appointment after the tent comes off your home, you may not be slotted in for a few days, and cold showers are no fun, especially in winter!”

Once it’s safe to return to your home, it’s important to deep clean everything. You want to get rid of any lingering smells and dead pests from the toxins. You should also consider removing your mattress to ensure toxins don’t get trapped.

Fumigating your home can indeed be a daunting task, filled with understandable stress and concerns. However, armed with knowledge and the right professionals by your side, the process can become more manageable. As you navigate the process of fumigation, remember that you’re taking a proactive step toward reclaiming the comfort and safety of your living space.



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