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Cleaning Coffee Ground Hacks

Turn Coffee Grounds Into Cleaning Gold With These 5 Hacks

If coffee is an integral part of your morning routine, check out these hacks for cleaning household items with used coffee grounds.

January 19, 2024 at 6:39 AM PST

Who knew that the secret ingredient to a cleaner and fresher home could be found right in your coffee machine? Yes, we’re talking about coffee grounds—the underappreciated byproduct of your morning java. Most of us are accustomed to throwing coffee grounds away without a second thought, but these leftovers are more than just waste. From deodorizing your refrigerator to being a non-toxic scrub for pots, coffee grounds are versatile in ways you might never have imagined.

Repurposing coffee grounds is environmentally friendly and effective for various cleaning tasks around your home.

Here are five surprising cleaning benefits that your used coffee grounds have to offer:

Natural Deodorizer

Get rid of odors in your fridge or closet by placing a bowl of dry, used coffee grounds in them. The grounds absorb and neutralize odors, leaving a fresher, more pleasant scent. Change the grounds every month for continuous freshness.

Coffee Grounds
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Gentle Abrasive Cleaner

Coffee grounds are naturally abrasive, making them perfect for scrubbing away grime and buildup. Mix grounds with a little water or dish soap, and you have a non-toxic scrub for cleaning pots, pans, and surfaces. Coffee grounds can stain, so avoid using them on porous materials or light-colored surfaces.

Pet Flea Treatment

If you have pets, coffee grounds can be a lifesaver. After shampooing your pet, rub coffee grounds through their fur and rinse. This can help in repelling fleas. However, it is always best to consult with your vet before trying new treatments.

cleaning grill
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Clean Your Grill

Cleaning your grill can be a tough job, but coffee grounds can make it easier. After you’ve grilled, let the grill cool, and then sprinkle coffee grounds over the grates. The grounds help break down grease and food residue, making it easier to scrub off.

Natural Drain Cleaner

Occasionally, you can use coffee grounds to help clear your drains. The grounds are great for removing buildup when followed by a flush of boiling water. Use this method sparingly, as it’s not suitable for all types of plumbing.



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