Hygge Aesthetic Design Ideas For A Cozy Home
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Hygge Aesthetic Design Ideas For A Cozy Home

March 20, 2024 at 4:29 PM PST

There’s no better feeling than coming home to your warm and cozy space, especially after a long day of work. Just imagine sitting on your cozy couch beside the fireplace with your throw blanket, watching your comfort show. Also, who doesn’t love staying inside with your friends or family watching movies or sitting on your couch and drinking a cup of hot tea or coffee?

If you’re trying to create a warm and cozy atmosphere for your home, you might want to consider a hygge aesthetic. By definition, hygge is a Danish term meaning to create a warm atmosphere and enjoy life surrounded by great people. The term is also related to the English word, hug and is associated with relaxation, comfort and being content. It’s derived from the sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga. This design style essentially originated as a way of living, valuing happiness, warmth and community.

To make the most of your hygge space, you’ll need cozy furniture, blankets, warm lights and cozy colors. But how can you make all of this cohesive in your space? Here’s how to create a hygge aesthetic in your home.

Use a Warm Color Palette

Use warm tones and colors to create a Hygge aesthetic. Pictured: A cozy living room with

Using warm color tones is the start of creating a hygge aesthetic in your home. Of course, warm lighting is a must for this aesthetic. Soft white lightbulbs in lampshades are the best lighting for a hygge aesthetic because they provide a warm and cozy feel with a lower color temperature.

For furniture, white or beige sofas and couches are great warm and neutral colors to use. Earth tones can also be used in this aesthetic, with colors like sage green, burnt orange, light or chestnut brown. If you’re going to use white or beige couches, add a few throw pillows and blankets in earthy tones to add some comfort and warmth to the space.

Add Home Decor

Add home decor pieces to create a Hygge aesthetic. Pictured: A cozy living room with color

Your home decor should match your color palette. Adding a rug to the space will add some comfort. Use bookshelves and tables to make the space more cohesive. Decor items like vases, pictures, coffee table books and candles. Add a few baskets to the space to store throw blankets and add texture. For this aesthetic, consider what type of furniture you want in your home. Velvet and cotton furniture pair well with this aesthetic, while sectionals and modular couches allow for comfort and coziness in this design style.

Layering and Textures

Add layering and textures to your home for a Hygge aesthetic. Pictured: A cozy living room with throw blankets, pillows, rugs and texture

One of the best ways to achieve a hygge home and interior design style is to incorporate layering and textures. Layer any hygge bedroom or living room by using blankets. If you’re decorating a hygge bedroom, use your duvet to layer, then layer with rows of multiple pillows and a throw blanket. For a couch, multiple throw pillows and a blanket get the job done.

For textures, knit or crochet blankets are great decor items to use. You can also add texture to the space using baskets, wallpaper, plants and rugs. Smaller details like art frames, mirrors and curtains will brighten up the space and make it more personal.


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