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Decorate What Color Goes With Brown

What Color Goes With Brown To Create a Cozy Home?

Here are 10 ideas to help.

November 29, 2023 at 3:38 PM PST

Brown is a versatile color that can complement various other hues in home décor. For that reason, as well as, the coziness it emits in a room, it is a popular choice for designing homes. Brown has always been a favorite color in the Black community for clothing and decorating, being that it is a rich color with many shades, just like the diverse range of melanated skin Black people have. Brown is also loved by many because of the warmness and homey feeling it can create.

Brown being a neutral color makes it even easier to pair with other colors. You can most likely combine any shade with brown and have it match as long as the shades and/or tones complement each other. For example, if you have a rich, dark brown colored couch in a living room but want to add more color to the space, try adding a vibrant shade of a warm-toned color to match with it. This is an easy way to create your own color scheme if decorating is new to you.

If you are interested in home décor using brown but do not know what color pairs well with it, take a look at these 10 other suggestions—some of these ideas for matching colors with brown range from classic neutrals to unique pops of color.

Cream or Beige for Warmth

Brown and beige bedroom

These neutral tones create a warm and cozy atmosphere when paired with brown. The colors complement each other well as they are in the same color family, but vary in tone and shade. The varying colors of the same family can create a colorful feel that surprisingly is not plain at all. They are the perfect shades to pair with woody brown colors, as well as other earth tones.

White for a Fresh Feel

White and brown kitchen

Crisp white accents can help balance the richness of brown, adding brightness and elegance to a space. The freshness of clean, white sheets, counters and clothes is appealing to those who appreciate leaving their home spotless. Even on a rainy day, the classic color white can light up your space. White also comes in various shades, despite being a neutral color. When it comes to what color goes best with brown, a warmer white shade or a shade of white with gray tones will pair best together.

Mustard Yellow for Energy

Living room with a mustard couch and chair

Adding a pop of mustard yellow can bring energy and warmth to a room with brown tones. Doing so allows this darker yellow to still brighten up the room despite its hue. Having a statement piece like this sofa and chair brings so much liveliness and personality to a room that only consists of neutral colors.

Terracotta for Depth

terracotta color wall

Similar earthy tones like terracotta complement brown by adding depth and richness to the color palette. Terracotta’s burnt orange shade is a great color to add to the room when you want to keep the neutral tones but add some variation. Play around with its brightness as well or try pairing it with both light and dark brown for even more depth.

Soft Pink for a Touch of Elegance

Bathroom with pink walls

A soft, dusty pink can create a lovely contrast with brown, offering a subtle and elegant touch. It may seem like another bold choice to many, especially this majority pink bathroom above. However, this room simply shows how much the colors pair well together and pink can be utilized in home décor without looking too childish. It adds a unique, retro charm.

Sage Green for Ambiance

Dining room with lots of house plants

This muted green tone pairs well with brown, evoking a natural and calming ambiance. It is also a perfect shade for house plant lovers. Sage green brings out the color of the leaves while complementing the brown tones that act as branches. Those in big cities that do not get to see a lot of greenery can add it to their home with this palette.

Navy Blue for That Modern Aesthetic

Brown and beige room with navy blue accents

Dark navy blue can create a striking contrast with brown, adding a sense of depth and sophistication. It’s especially suited for a space with a lot of windows as the natural light that shines through can bring out more of the darker colors. Incorporate navy blue somewhere into your home along with your brown décor to give your space a modern aesthetic.

Gold or Brass Accents for Some Glam

Large Arch Full Length Gold Wall Mounted/Standing Mirror Floor Mirror
Photo Credit: Home Depot

Metallic tones like gold or brass can add glamor and warmth to a space with brown hues. Work gold into the palette of a room with brown furniture to create an expensive or luxurious environment that still feels homey. Or if gold seems a little too gaudy for you, try brass as it is a color unique and reminiscent of an industrial style.

Teal for a Sophisticated Look

Dining room with teal walls

This deep blue-green shade contrasts beautifully with brown, creating a vibrant and sophisticated look. It is a great shade to choose when you want to add a pop of color that is not too overpowering. Most would not think of the aquatic blue shade in terms of what color goes with brown. However, you can and should pair the shade as an accent or the entire paint color of the wall for a unique and stylish look.

Purple for a Calm Vibe

olanly bathroom rug purple
Courtesy: Amazon

Another color that may be a surprising answer to “what color goes best with brown” is purple. The combination of brown and purple can create a rich and luxurious look. Lighter shades of purple, like lavender or lilac, can add a soft and calming vibe when paired with brown. On the contrary, deeper shades such as plum or eggplant can bring depth and sophistication to the décor.

Experimenting with different shades and combinations of these colors can help create a harmonious and visually appealing home décor when paired with brown. Do not be afraid to play with variations of the colors listed here to create your own palette of what color goes well with brown.


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