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Atlanta-based Designer Jasmine Crockett Aims to Make Interior Design Accessible to Everyone

Jasmine Crockett hasn't just built a brand, she crafted a movement.

November 21, 2023 at 6:18 PM PST

Accessibility in interior design is what Atlanta-based interior designer and content creator Jasmine Crockett is all about. Bringing a fresh perspective to the world of interiors with her design studio Joy Meets Home, Crockett is driven by the belief that beautiful spaces should be within everyone’s reach. Her journey from a lifestyle blogger to a founder of her own firm shows her commitment to breaking down barriers in the traditionally exclusive world of design. Partnering with brands such as Target, Lowe’s, and Pottery Barn, Crockett has not just built a brand; she has crafted a movement. With over a dozen client projects underway and an on-demand interior design app, smply, in development, Crockett’s influence is reshaping how we perceive and engage with interior design.

Jasmine Crockett
Photo Credit: Jasmine Crockett

In an exclusive interview with Home & Texture, Crockett reflects on her transition from blogging to interior design. “My digital presence has allowed me to connect intimately with my followers, understanding their tastes and preferences,” she shares. “It enables me to create spaces that resonate with and enhance the lifestyles of the diverse individuals who follow my journey.”

Crockett’s approach to design marries accessibility with style. “I prioritize incorporating budget-friendly elements without compromising on quality, ensuring that my designs are inclusive and attainable for a broad audience,” she explains. Her talent lies in creating spaces that are both sophisticated and inviting, demonstrating her skill in striking a delicate balance between luxury and approachability.

Jasmine Crockett Interior Design
Photo Credit: Jasmine Crockett

Case Study of Transformation

The designer shares a memorable project, illustrating her expertise in maximizing impact within budgetary and time constraints. “One notable success story involves a recent project where parents aspired to create a dream space for their little girl based on specific inspiration. Initially concerned about the feasibility within their budget, we strategically selected where to place the wallpaper, taking advantage of the room’s dimensions and thereby saving on material costs,” she shares.

“Through meticulous planning and budget-conscious choices, we not only brought their vision to life but exceeded their expectations within the designated timeframe. This success underscores Joy Meets Home’s commitment to making aspiration designs achievable and showcases the transformative impact of thoughtful design choices on both budget and timeline constraints.”


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A signature of Crockett’s design style is the seamless blending of traditional and contemporary elements. “The key lies in creating a dialogue between the traditional and modern aspects, ensuring they complement rather than clash,” she says. Her process involves laying a classic foundation and interspersing it with modern accents, achieving a harmonious balance that ensures her designs are both timeless and current.

An App For The People

With her upcoming app, smply, Crockett is set to revolutionize the interior design industry. She envisions smply as a tool to make professional design more accessible, breaking down traditional barriers of cost and complexity. “The traditional barrier of intimidating video meetings, in-person consultations, and high costs often deter individuals from seeking professional design advice,” says Crockett. “With smply, we’re simplifying the process by providing on-demand access to design experts, eliminating the need for time-consuming meetings and making it more affordable.”

smply app
Photo Credit: Jasmine Crockett

Anticipating the launch of smply, Crockett highlights its unique offerings, including on-demand access to design experts and an integrated shopping experience. She envisions smply as a platform that will continually evolve, bringing innovative and practical design solutions to users’ fingertips.

Keep up with Crockett’s journey via Joy Meets Home and her personal Instagram.



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