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House Tours Laquita Tate House Tours

House Tours: Laquita Tate's Home Feels Like a "Warm Blanket" When You Walk Through Her Door

May 9, 2023 at 2:04 PM PST
Updated on May 13, 2023 at 2:04 PM PST
House Tours Laquita Tate House Tours

House Tours: Laquita Tate's Home Feels Like a "Warm Blanket" When You Walk Through Her Door

May 9, 2023 at 2:04 PM PST
Updated on May 13, 2023 at 2:04 PM PST

If it’s one thing Home & Texture’s House Tours taught us, it’s that Memphis has some of the country’s dopest Black creatives, interior designers, and tastemakers. This week we’re entering the stunning home of educator and interior designer Laquita Tate. Described as a “warm blanket when you first walk through the door,” Tate has designed her home of 17 years to be a true reflection of her and her husband’s personality.

Design as a Career

Tate has always loved the world of interior design, but it wasn’t until she was an adult that she considered turning her passion into a career. “My journey started to unfold after I redecorated my own home room by room,” she shares on her website. She shared her decorating journey with her social media audience, and those followers began turning into clients. In 2020, Laquita Tate Interior Styling & Designs was born.

Since then, Tate has taken on residential and commercial clients. She’s also an elementary school principal. So how does she balance both? She is a principal by day and works on her interior design business after hours.

Black as a Neutral

Much like with her clients, Tate prioritizes the aesthetic and pieces she loves in her Memphis home. She gravitates to a color palette that features shades of black, cream, and green. Her space is filled with layers of art, texture, and personality. To her, the color black is a neutral, and you can find her walls, ceilings, and furniture in shades of black.

Black Art Is Everything

Tour through Tate’s home, and you’ll find work by Black artists proudly displayed. In fact, most of the artwork and coffee table books in her home are by Black artists, editors, and makers. You’ll even find work done by her friend and “House Tours” star Carmeon Hamilton.

Whether through her brilliant use of black or her vibrant artwork and texture layering, Tate’s home is awe-inspiring.

Watch episode 4 of Home & Texture’s House Tours to get your dose of inspiration.

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Drift Green Coffee Mug

Step into the kitchen of Laquita Tate, and you’re guaranteed to find a collection of beautifully crafted mugs and teacups. The avid tea lover picks up a mug from her travels and intentionally displays it in a corner on her kitchen counter. This mug is the perfect addition to your collection and is in an olive green tone that matches Tate’s color palette. Featuring a rounded bottom and wide handle, this hand-pressed mug is coated with a matte water-reactive glaze. There’s a subtle cracked texture that gives it a unique look. This CB2 exclusive works well with white or cream dishes.

Curvo Bloce Noir Sofa

Much like the curved sofa in Tate’s circular breakfast nook area, this couch is stunning and luxe. Gwyneth Paltrow loves this couch so much that she says, “One of my favorites, the Curvo sofa, is a nod to Italian midcentury designs by way of its fluid lines.” Whether you’re putting it against a wall as part of your kitchen nook or in your living room, this couch is perfect for making your home a welcoming abode. Goop designed this couch with polished champagne-finished stainless steel legs and a hardwood frame. To clean, blot any spills with a soft, dry cloth. It is recommended never to clean this couch with water.

Crushed Velvet Shower Curtain

Tate instantly transformed her bathroom into a luxurious oasis with the addition of a black velvet shower curtain. You can do the same by adding this crushed velvet shower curtain to your bathroom space. This machine washable shower curtain is made of thick, durable fabric and has 12 gold decorative hooks. The hooks are anti-rust and durable, making hanging and gliding your shower curtain effortless. A waterproof coating on the back of the shower curtain protects against moisture and will aid in keeping your bathroom dry and clean. The weighted bottom ensures that your curtain stays in place while showering.

Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic

A lover of Black art, most of the work featured in Tate’s home is by Black artists. The educator and interior designer also loves coffee table books featuring Black artists. This book, by one of the most respected and loved contemporary artists, Kehinde Wiley, is filled with reproductions of his work. Turn the pages of this vibrant coffee table book to find a series of paintings and sculptural work by Wiley that explores ideas about race, tradition, and power. This book is co-published with the Brooklyn Museum of Art and features work by the artist that dates back to 2001. You can add this book to your bookshelf or display it in your home office. The cover is art in itself. It’s the perfect addition to any space and supports and honors a Black contemporary artist.

Wall-Mounted Black Floating Shelves

Layer your art and books like Tate with this wall-mounted black floating shelf set. It's a great way to transform your walls while optimizing space in your room. Whether it’s portraits, paintings, or both, this shelf is perfect for them. Installing these floating shelves is pretty easy — all you need are some screws. The black finish makes it perfect for neutral and colorful color palettes. If placed in your home office, you can display notebooks, planners, and other items you’ll need throughout the day. It’s the perfect way to display your most needed and loved items while still maintaining a strong aesthetic.

Credenza Sideboard With Adjustable Shelves And Doors

Tate placed her white credenza in her home office, saying, “I thought that it [credenza] popped really well, and I just layered it with artwork, coffee table books, and then some of my favorite plants.” You can do the same by adding a white credenza to your home office and living room space. This credenza is a bit different from Tate’s but is equally as stylish. It features a diamond weaving texture which adds depth and visual interest. A 64-inch wooden top is perfect for layering the pieces that represent you and your design style. This piece is stable and can be a great source of storage in your home.

Abstract Line Wall Art, Woman Silhouette

Art is a huge part of Tate’s home, especially work that features and is by Black artists. This piece represents the silhouette of a Black woman and is perfect for the rooms in your home that are near and dear to you, like your bedroom, bathroom, and office. This set of three pieces comes on a high-quality canvas and is printed with high-quality ink, so you won’t have to worry about fading. The set does not come framed, so you will need to order framing separately. The work will bring a sense of tranquility to any room it's in and is perfect for cultivating a space that feels like a warm hug, just like Tate’s Memphis home.

Cube Square Coffee Table In High Gloss Black

Tate’s chic black coffee table was designed by her friend and Home & Texture’s “House Tours” star Carmeon Hamilton. If you’re looking for a black coffee table to make your space feel elevated and pulled together, this cube table is a fantastic choice. This table is absolutely stunning, with its square top being made of marble and layers of lacquer to protect its ultra-luxe finish. It’s a contemporary piece that is simply brilliant and pushes the boundaries of coffee table designs. You can add coffee table books and layer them with sculptures and art prints by Black artists to pull off a look similar to Tate’s.

Forest Tropical Peel And Stick Wallpaper

As you can see from Tate’s bathroom and throughout her home, dark walls and bold wallpaper are a sure way to transform your home into a luxe space. This stunning wallpaper is easy to install and only requires you to peel and stick to apply. If you want to remove it, simply pull it up. It doesn’t require any water or paste and is ideal for people with busy lives looking for a simple design solution. The pattern is beautiful and made from premium vinyl material. The quality is durable and nontransparent, which avoids tearing and being see-through. This wallpaper has a matte finish, which gives it a nice texture. It is also waterproof and designed to make your space feel like a tropical forest.

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