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Laundry Room Laundry Hacks

These Hacks Will Make Laundry Day A Little More Enjoyable

May 3, 2023 at 1:28 AM PST
Laundry Room Laundry Hacks

These Hacks Will Make Laundry Day A Little More Enjoyable

May 3, 2023 at 1:28 AM PST

Doing laundry is one of those chores that feels never-ending. If you’re guilty of forgetting a load in the washer or dryer, you’re not alone. Not to mention the after-effects of washing: piles of clothing that need folding and putting away. The struggle is real, especially if you don’t have an organizational system in place.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large family or live alone, having to do laundry can feel like a never-ending burden. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks you can implement to create a routine that works for you. By following these hacks, the chore can become therapeutic.

Create A Schedule

Create a schedule for doing your laundry and try to stick as close to it as possible. Choose a specific day of the week to do it and try your best to ensure it’s done on that day. You also can break up the type of garments you’ll wash on certain days. For example, Sundays can be for color clothing, Wednesdays for bedding and Fridays for whites. This way, you’ll always have clean clothing, underwear, bedding and towels.

Compartmentalize Your Laundry

laundry baskets are great laundry hacks
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Stay organized with your laundry by sorting your clothes as you go. Having separate hampers for towels and bedding, white, and colors allows you to toss your garments into their respective hampers as you use them. There are baskets with compartments that do the work of sorting for you. This saves you loads of time on laundry day, having to sort through piles of dirty garments.

Have A Designated Laundry Area

Creating a designated room or area in your home is essential. Whether it’s a closet, a corner of a room or an entire room, having a designated space makes it easier to sort, wash and fold your clothing. Your laundry area should have enough space to store your washer, dryer, drying rack and essentials.

Use Laundry Pods

If using the right amount of laundry detergent gives you anxiety, try using detergent pods. This simplified product comes pre-measured, so you only have to toss a pod in the washing machine and not think twice about the measurement.

Fold While Hot

two black men folding clothing and putting them away
Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto

It may be common to wait days before folding your clothes, but folding clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer is key. It helps prevents wrinkles and allows you to complete the chore and not drag it out. After folding, make sure to store them neatly away.

Get A Good Laundry Basket

Investing in a great-quality basket makes the task of doing laundry easier. When choosing one, look for one that has handles, is easy to carry and is sturdy. Finding one that fits your aesthetic will excite you to do this chore. A great basket allows you to easily transport your loads from your room to the laundry area.

Air Dry Items

hanging laundry to dry on drying rack on laundry day
Photo Credit: Ron Lach

Not all items belong in the dryer. In fact, washing your delicates in the dryer can ruin them. If you want to prolong the life of your garments, hang them to dry on a drying rack. You’ll also save money on your energy bill by doing so. Laundry items to air dry include sweaters, bras, shirts, blouses and other delicates.



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