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DIY Easy IKEA Nightstand Hacks for Your Home

8 DIY Hacks for Your Ikea Nightstand

October 26, 2023 at 9:07 PM PST

Everyone loves a good Ikea hack. From upgrading drawers, shoe cabinets, tables, mirrors and more, it’s so easy to personalize your favorite Ikea pieces to make your home feel more comfortable and fit your style. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on multiple high-end furniture pieces, head to Ikea (if you don’t already have furniture from there) and purchase a few nightstands, dressers, or whatever else you need to DIY some incredible furniture pieces. You can customize pieces into different styles and aesthetics including boho, chic, modern, mid-century, colorful and funky, farmhouse, and more. You’d be surprised at how much a can of paint, wallpaper, and a few DIY items can make a difference. Here are eight Ikea nightstand hacks to try in your home.

Replace Drawers With Cane

woven nightstands are a great way to make the room feel light. Pictured: a woven nightstand.

Replacing basic drawers in your Ikea nightstand for cane adds texture and warmth to your space. This minimalist and modern trend is an easy hack and only requires removing the regular drawers and replacing them with cane drawers. Cane drawers can be made or purchased from home decor stores such as The Container Store.

Use Bamboo To Brighten Your Space

An easy and cute DIY project, use bamboo to brighten up your nightstand and space. For this hack, either purchase some bamboo or utilize a bamboo placement mat, table runner, or any bamboo-type furniture you have. Cut the shape of the bamboo to fit fully on the Ikea nightstand drawer and use wood glue to secure the bamboo to the nightstand. Add a chic drawer handle to add a pop of decor.

Switch Out the Knobs

Replace the knobs on Ikea nightstand for a simple hack. Pictured: Nightstands with gold knobs.

A simple hack to upgrade your nightstand that only takes a few minutes is to switch out your knobs. If the knobs are basic, try replacing them with gold ones, unique pattern knobs, or colorful ones to make the nightstand area pop.

Open up That Shelf

Use the open shelf Ikea nightstand hack to display books, artwork, items and more. Pictured: A nightstand.

If you’re looking to display some extra books, artwork, or collector’s items, take a drawer or two out of the Ikea nightstand to leave some open space. This hack not only allows you to display whatever you want, but it makes the space feel more open and less cluttered. Open storage is a practical way to store your items while still having an aesthetically pleasing nightstand area.

Use a Woven Shelf for an Airy Feel

Make your room and nightstand area feel light and airy by adding a woven shelf or two to the bottom of your nightstand. This can be used to store smaller items like books or artwork. Buy woven shelving from your local craft store, or create woven shelving based on the measurements and dimensions of your nightstand.

Lay a Fresh Coat on It

Paint your Ikea nightstand for an easy and colorful hack. Pictured: Blue nightstands in a bedroom.

Another way to spice things up with your Ikea nightstand is to paint it. This hack is easy and only requires sanding and painting the furniture whatever color best fits the room. Brighter colors like sage green, light pink, lavender, and yellow pair well with white furniture, while shades like navy, forest green, and gray work well with Black or darker tones of furniture.

Texture the Front of Your Ikea Nightstand

This textured detail is an incredible way to take your Ikea nightstand from boring to fun! For this hack, wood nightstands are best to use because of the contrast of the fluted front. This hack is also simple and requires you to add a fluted front drawer to the stand. Add new dresser knobs to really make the area stand out.

Use Peel and Stick Wallpaper

If you’re not willing to paint, or replace drawers, an easy hack to upgrade your Ikea nightstand is to use peel-and-stick wallpaper. For this idea, all you need are scissors, the wallpaper, and something to smooth out the wallpaper. This hack works great for those who want to add some texture and patterns to the space. This hack makes the perfect addition to any room, and the best part is that you can have fun picking out different wallpapers.



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