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This App-Controlled Smart Lock is the Best Tech I've Tried This Year

Level Home has definitely leveled up their smart home game with the Level Lock+.

December 20, 2023 at 9:29 PM PST

As a smart home enthusiast, I am always scouting the latest and greatest smart home technology to seamlessly integrate into my everyday life. From voice-controlled lighting to automated blinds, I revel in testing innovative IoT products that make modern life a little simpler.

While some may question the necessity of high-tech home integration, I see immense value in utilizing modern advances for greater convenience. Take smartphone-based door locks as an example. Ditching a jangling keyring to unlock your door with a quick phone tap offers next-level efficiency that I am absolutely here for. That’s why I’m a big fan of Level Home, and you should be too.

About Level Home

Founded in 2016, Level Home is on a mission to advance home access through sleekly designed smart locks packed with convenience. Their innovative line of keyless entries allow homeowners to ditch cumbersome keys and easily control access right from their phones. Level locks install in minutes while blending seamlessly into minimalist decor. The brand keeps convenience, flexibility and fail-safe redundancy at the forefront of their engineering for the locks of tomorrow, today.

Photo Credit: Level Home

Why You Need the Level Lock+

Level took the wildly popular Level Lock and made it even better with the new Level Lock+. This upgraded smart lock model is 62% smaller than competitors, allowing it to discretely replace your existing deadbolt exterior. Despite its petite footprint, Level Lock+ packs a powerful punch when it comes to high-tech features.

Homeowners will appreciate having options for accessing their residence beyond a traditional key. The Level Lock+ works with your phone, of course, and also includes a physical back-up key and Apple HomeKey compatibility. At H&T, we love having an array of options to fit different circumstances and preferences.

Photo Credit: Level Home

Level Lock+ from Level Home

Was: $329 | Now: $278.99

Distributing virtual keys is a breeze with the Level app’s intuitive interface. Set timed access limits and permissions for visitors, dog walkers housekeepers and more directly from your smartphone, wherever you are. Level Lock+ even allows remote unlocking capabilities and a live activity feed when away.

With four customizable finishes, the sleek Level Lock+ discreetly matches most deadbolts while introducing next-gen convenience. And, if your phone dies, WiFi goes out, or there’s a power failure, the good ol’ fashioned key still does the trick.

One thing is for certain: no smart lock offers the breadth of high-tech features while ensuring round-the-clock, fail-safe access like the Level Lock+ bundle. Ditch the key ring and introduce tap-to-enter simplicity into your modern lifestyle with Level’s latest.



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