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How Smart Home Technology Is Impacting 2024 Design Trends

December 12, 2023 at 5:18 PM PST

Technology is a huge part of our daily lives, especially when it comes to items in our household. Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular, integrating into our everyday routines. As we approach 2024, home design trends signal that smart home technology is here to stay. Homeowners are craving efficiency, convenience, and a personalized living experience, which are all enabled by technological advancements. If one thing is certain about 2024, it’s that the integration of smart technology is not just a luxury but a staple in modern homes.

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Mark Benson, Head of Samsung SmartThings, shares with Home & Texture, “We expect to see even more people incorporating and adopting smart home technology in 2024, particularly in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.” Benson highlights a growing desire among homeowners to tailor their homes to specific needs, creating connected spaces that simplify everyday living, enhance security, and promote sustainability. This statement underscores a significant trend: the melding of technology with personal space to create environments that are both intelligent and intuitive.

The Kitchen: A Hub of Innovation

The impact of smart technology is most evident in the kitchen, a hub of innovation in the modern home. Imagine being able to stream your favorite show directly from your refrigerator door while preparing a meal or remotely controlling your oven and stove from any room. This level of interconnectivity offers unparalleled convenience. These technologies also cater to practicality; for example, being able to check your fridge’s contents while at the grocery store presents last-minute dashes for forgotten items.

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Sustainability is another cornerstone of this trend. Smart home technologies like SmartThings Energy are revolutionizing how we consume energy. Appliances equipped with AI, such as The Bespoke Refrigerator, optimize energy usage, reducing the carbon footprint and aiding in cost savings. This eco-friendly approach is particularly appealing to the environmentally conscious younger generation of homeowners.



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