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Dining Room Maximalist Dinnerware

These Maximalist Dinnerware Pieces Will Instantly Add More Personality to Your Kitchen

July 18, 2023 at 7:39 PM PST
Dining Room Maximalist Dinnerware

These Maximalist Dinnerware Pieces Will Instantly Add More Personality to Your Kitchen

July 18, 2023 at 7:39 PM PST

More and more people are embracing the maximalist home decor trends these days—they have been showing up in homes everywhere. While trends like quiet luxury and dopamine decor seem to be gaining the most popularity, there’s still an underlying layer of maximalism to each one. If you love the look of maximalism decor, you should consider channeling that personality and those eccentric patterns into your kitchenware and dinnerware.

Maximalist Dinnerware And Kitchenware To Elevate Your Kitchen Space

Maximalist Dinnerware Kitchenware
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Not everyone knows where to start when it comes to picking out eccentric home decor pieces, but one of the best and safest ways to explore this trend is to start with kitchen and dinnerware sets and pieces. While you may not be willing to give your walls and cabinets a drastic makeover, buying bold plates and coffee mugs is an easy and fun way to play with different trends and designs you may not have explored before.

Think of brighter, bigger and more flamboyant home decor pieces that will give your home a unique personality that is welcoming to your guests. With bold colors and intricate designs, they instantly elevate any meal into a memorable occasion. Imagine your guests sitting down to a table adorned with these beautiful pieces, each one a work of art in its own right. Whether you’re entertaining family, friends, or colleagues, maximalism dinnerware sets are sure to impress.

When searching for more glamourous kitchenware, most high-end retailers have a home section that’s worth exploring. You can also find one-of-a-kind pieces on Etsy that offer both appealing designs and sustainability.

If you have been looking for a reason to make your kitchen and dining room a work of art, check out these maximalist dinnerware and kitchenware items that are just too beautiful not to want.

Loki Lavender Desert Plate

This delightful Loki Lavender Desert Plate from CB2 is a remarkable piece to add to your dining or kitchen table. Perfectly made to be a standalone centerpiece, this plate can complement a variety of color combinations as well. Created by British fashion designer Matthew Williamson, this luxurious plate is offset by an enchanting illustration of a wild, striped cat with a lush greenery background surrounded by gold trimmings. This plate is maximalist at its peak because it's busy enough to start a conversation at the table while being the right tone for serving your favorite eats. This plate also comes in a turquoise option for you to mix and match with.

24 Piece Dinnerware Set

If you want to bring maximalism and opulence to your kitchen and dining room, then this 24-Piece DinnerWare set from NoHo Home is the icing on the cake. This set is available in six attractive colorways: black, gold, rose gold, gold and black, gold and white, and black and gold. Included in the set are six knives, six spoons, six forks and six tea spoons, which will take your cutlery game to the next level. What better way to be extra than to have a sophisticated dinnerware set that has an unforgettable touch of elegance and class?

Turkish Ceramic Coffee Mugs

One of the best ways to add more maximalism to your kitchen and dining area is with these eye-catching Turkish Ceramic Coffee Mugs. They're handmade and can be bought on Etsy from the Instanbul Art Workshop. Now, you can show off your cultural sophistication with these one-of-a-kind mugs that are perfect for serving coffee and tea. You can impress your guests and spruce up your kitchen decor with these delicate mugs. Because these mugs are handmade and painted, it's best to handwash these items to ensure they last a long time. Drinking after-dinner coffee will never be boring again.

6 Piece Floral Steel Tea Sculpture Set

Bring maximalist and romantic vibes to your next tea party with this alluring 6 Piece Floral Steel Tea Sculpture set from Wayfair. This set is handpainted by a highly skilled artisan, giving each teacup its own individual look. If you just enjoy the look of this set, as many do, you can make this set an accent centerpiece for your china cabinet or dining room shelves. Whether you choose to keep them in the cabinet or use them as a centerpiece for your dinners, there is no denying that the combination of colors will brighten any room that this set is in.

Pavoes Teapot

Here's an exquisite teapot that is filling what maximalism encompasses to the brim. Slightly eccentric but not lacking a luxurious appeal, this Pavoes teapot from Neiman Marcus is a beautiful teapot that you will enjoy making tea out of each time you use it. Handcrafted to perfection, this teapot is made of sturdy earthenware which gives it its prestige appeal. Despite its priceless appeal, this teapot is microwave and dishwasher-safe. This teapot was created in Portugal and because it is handpainted, each teapot will vary. But don't let that distract you because this teapot will elevate any teatime, breakfast or brunch event.

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