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Le Creuset Is Having a Last Chance Sale on This Color Before It's Discontinued for Good

July 26, 2023 at 8:56 PM PST

Fans of the popular cookware brand Le Creuset are still in shock at the colorful brand’s decision to discontinue one of its most celebrated colors: Deep Teal. In an Instagram post, Le Creuset addressed its fans with the following message, “The time has come for Deep Teal to depart. Visit the link in our bio to get your favorite pieces in this cool, luminous jewel tone (on sale!) before they’re gone for good.” Many fans rushed to the comments to leave their grievances, but customers are still in luck. Even though the Le Creuset teal color is going away, you can still take advantage of their sale right now. 

The color first launched in 2020 as part of its fall collection. On the Le Creuset blog, the color was described as, “A cool, luminous jewel tone – striking in its vibrancy, captivating in its depth. Deep Teal flirts with blue, with sensuous hints of green. A refreshingly cultured color that unifies and emboldens — complementing darker palettes, contrasting lighter ones, or basking in its own beauty…Ready to lend a noticeable modernity to any room or table it serves.”

Le Creuset Deep Teal Is Out, But These Sales Are In

Le Creuset is discontinuing their teal color
Photo credit: Edgar Castrejon

There are still plenty of available Deep Teal pieces shoppers can buy at 20% off, like the round Dutch oven, the signature skillet and the stockpot. However, if by the time you start shopping and you find that your favorite pieces are sold out, there are other similar colors you can try, such as Caribbean and Agave, for example, so customers can find solace if their desired Deep Teal piece is out of stock.

Fans can also mix and match their favorite pieces that can complement their beloved Deep Teal, too. Colors like Nectar and Oyster are great colors that will make your blue-ish green cookware look even more delectable.



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