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Michael Jordan's $14.9M Chicago Mansion is Still on the Market

April 25, 2023 at 9:41 PM PST

Michael Jordan is the man, the myth and the legend. However, even as one of the greatest NBA players, he can’t catch a break when it comes to selling his house. The nearly $14.9 million dollar home is still on the market and has been for some time.

Inside His $14.9M Mansion

Transitioning from court side to real estate is proving to be an uphill battle for basketball superstar Michael Jordan. The NBA legend has tried to sell his nearly $15 million mansion for the last 10 years with no luck. Over the years, he lowered the asking price and even promised to throw in every edition of Air Jordans to prospective buyers. However, his efforts have been to no avail.

According to Zillow, the basketball player has paid $2.5 million in property taxes since it was listed on the market back in 2012.

The home is 56,000 square feet and is certainly a sight to behold. It includes nine bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a tennis court, infinity pool, piano room, game room, cigar room, media rooms, spacious patio, a full gym, a built-in wall aquarium, skylight and a fish pond.

So Why No Takers?

Location is the prime reason that Jordan’s beautiful home is still on the market. Mercer Vine’s Adam Rosenfeld explained that the area likely is unimpressive to wealthier buyers.

Another issue may be the personalization factors in the home. Jordan had a heavy hand in designing the mansion and had it built from scratch. His personal touch can be found all over the mansion. Its front entrance gate includes a dazzling “23,” which is a nod to his legendary basketball jersey number.

Although basketball fans can appreciate his personal touches, such as the premium Jordan Brand flag sticks that accompany the putting green or a basketball court complete with his name and the names of his children at center court, it may not be as appealing to potential homebuyers.



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