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interior design Exhausting Color Choice

Experts Say This Is the Most Exhausting Color You Can Decorate With

May 23, 2023 at 9:09 PM PST
interior design Exhausting Color Choice

Experts Say This Is the Most Exhausting Color You Can Decorate With

May 23, 2023 at 9:09 PM PST

When it comes to selecting colors for your home, the last thing you want to do is pick a color that will make you uncomfortable. You want to choose colors that make your home cozy and inviting, and some colors, believe it or not, can cause additional stress that you might not be aware of. Experts say that the most exhausting color you can decorate with is, surprisingly, yellow.

Yes, yellow. Most people think of yellow as a bright color that instantly uplifts your spirit. However, color psychologists say that the color yellow is “tiring” and can cause fatigue. This doesn’t mean you can’t use yellow at all in your home. In fact, some style experts believe that yellow as an accent color makes spaces pop.

Understanding Why Yellow Can Be Overwhelming

Simultaneously, yellow can also be distracting. Additionally, yellow can also make a room appear to be dingey. Depending on the natural light in your home, yellow can also make your walls look draining. When all those things are combined, it can dampen the mood in your home.

“While it can be an energetic color, this intensity can also have a downside. Sometimes yellow can come off as very aggressive and even confrontational. In great quantities, people may be left feeling irritated or even angry when surrounded by yellow,” VeryWellMind reported.

“The wrong tone of yellow, or too much, can lead to feelings of irritation, heightened anxiety, nervousness, and depression,” Karen Haller, color psychology specialist, teacher, and best-selling author of The Little Book of Color told Homes and Gardens. “Yellow is one of the psychological primaries and is related to the emotions of the nervous system. At its very worst, yellow can provoke suicidal feelings.”

On another note, Zillow reported in their 2018 Paint Color Analysis that when yellow homes were sold, they sold for $3,408 less than houses that were other colors.

How To Use Yellow in Your Home for a Positive Impact

While yellow can be an exhausting color and even impact your mental health, there are ways you can use it in your home that won’t feel so draining.

“Yellow is always a good accent color and using a mustard shade works well inside cupboards or pantries as an uplifting surprise as you open or enter,” Sarah Brown, founder of Sarah Brown Interiors, also told Homes and Gardens. “It’s easier to incorporate this shade into a scheme if you’re slightly put off by bright yellow paint in your home and it is particularly effective in darker, moodier spaces as it creates a feeling of warmth.”

For the Kitchen

Most times, yellow is used in the kitchen. It’s usually seen on the walls or tiles. You can liven up your kitchen with yellow decor pieces or curtains to add a touch of warmth.

In The Living Room

Yellow looks great as decorative pillows, throw blankets and artwork on the walls. Even a few vases could add a nice element of surprise to your living area.

Transform Your Bathroom

You can add a bit of citrus wonderland to your bathroom by using more pastel colors and offsetting them with plants to make it feel more inviting and relaxed.

Elevate Your Bedroom

A dresser or even a yellow mirror can really draw the eye into an intimate space like your bedroom. You can even for a yellow bed skirt for an unexpecting surprise color, too.

Spruce Up Your Home Office

Brighten up your desk area with a sunny-colored desk and use contrasting colors to round out the color scheme of your office area.



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