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Avoid These Mistakes When Decorating For A Minimalist Design Style

May 3, 2023 at 7:11 PM PST

Minimalism has been a rising design style for the past decade. Millennials have gravitated to the concept of clean, simple elements in a home and the concept of less being more. At its core, a minimalist design style is all about streamlining your life by getting rid of clutter. While minimalism sounds easy to execute, there are some common mistakes you should avoid when decorating your home in this design style.

Neglecting Texture

minimalist living room
Photo credit: Leah Kelley

Simplicity is one of the main principles of minimalism, but the doesn’t mean you can’t add texture to your home’s decor. Texture gives your home character and is a part of every well-designed interior. If your home is devoid of texture, it can feel cold and unwelcoming. You can incorporate texture in a minimalist way by including a knit blanket, woven rugs and textured pillows in your home.

Not Having The Right Lighting

minimalist home office
Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska

One of the most common mistakes in designing a minimalist space is not considering the importance of good lighting. If your space is too dim and lacks natural light, then your home will end up feeling depressing. It also can feel harsh if your home is too bright. To curate a well-designed minimalist space, you must find a balance between natural and artificial light sources. You can do so by incorporating table lamps and floor lamps into your home.

Being Scared Of Color

minimalist kitchen
Photo bredit: Saviesa Home

Although you are a minimalist that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of color to your home. Minimalism is all about a neutral color palette, which feels elevated and serene. However, adding a pop of color will give your space visual interest. Items, like lush plants and artwork, can make your space feel more welcoming and vibrant.

Not Considering Storage Solutions

Photo credit: Cup of Couple

The whole point of minimalism is to avoid clutter, but if you neglect to come up with storage solutions, you’ll find yourself slowly cluttering your space. Avoid clutter by incorporating storage solutions into your home’s interior design. You can do so by building in-wall bookshelves, having storage ottomans or utilizing hidden storage under your bed or your staircase.

Ignoring Negative Space

minimalism negative space
Photo credit: dada _design

Negative space is a crucial part of executing a minimalist design style. This empty space in your home helps create balance and harmony among your furniture and decor. If your furniture is placed too close together, it can make your space feel cluttered. Negative space is sure to make your home feel calming and spacious. Incorporating negative space in your home can look like leaving a wall blank, not overcrowding your shelves and bookcase with items, and using a single piece of furniture as the focal point in your space.

Not Letting Your Personal Style Shine

personal style
Photo credit: Katja Rook

When curating a minimalist space, it can be easy to be too strict on what goes into your home. If you’re always worried about whether a certain piece fits your aesthetic, you miss out on adding your personality to your home. Your home is a reflection of your lived experiences and interests. Instead of being too fixated on perfectly executing a minimalist design style, focus on curating your home with items that make you happy and feel welcoming to guests.


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