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Here's How and When to Spend Time Together As Newlyweds

August 16, 2023 at 4:13 AM PST

As newlyweds, a big part of your new journey involves moving in together. However, while sharing a home can be a beautiful experience, it can also be quite the challenge. Now, you have to consider your partner in pretty much everything you do, from your morning routine to how you fold laundry. Your partner becomes the first person you see when you wake up and the last person you see before you go to sleep. As a result, many newlyweds find they need more space than they expected.

Why Having Me-Time is Important

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Even though this is a beautiful part of marriage, not having enough “me-time” can be unhealthy. When you and your partner marry, you have to merge your lives. And when this happens, it can be easy to lose your sense of identity. From your sleeping position to how you wash the dishes, learning to compromise is part of having a happy, healthy marriage.

But the other part to having a successful marriage is enjoying your “me-time.” Making time for yourself is important, no matter if you’re married or single. You can practice self-care in a number of ways, from reading a book to soaking in a hot bath.

According to Google Trends, searches for self-care have increased by four times since 2018. This is because practicing self-care is important to our mental and physical health. Spending time with yourself can do a lot of good, including reducing stress and anxiety, increase your self-esteem, and lower your risk for certain illnesses.

But when you’re new in your marriage journey, carving out time for yourself is not so easy.

Why Having “Me-Time” is Challenging

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There are many reasons why making time for yourself after moving in together can be hard. Perhaps your new schedules leave little room for “me-time” or maybe your new shared responsibilities — i.e. running errands or performing household chores. Does this mean “me-time” takes a back seat?

Also, many people feel nervous or ashamed to request more “me-time” away from their partner. So instead of prioritizing their self-care, they neglect it altogether.

5 Ideas to Strike the Perfect Balance Between Me-Time and We-Time

Moving in together is an exciting step in every newlywed journey. However, without creating a bit of space to practice self-care, it can make staying close and connected harder than it needs to be.

To enjoy a happy marriage, carving out regular “me-time” is of utmost importance. By doing this, you can prioritize your mental and physical health, which in turn, helps you become a better you for your partner. To start, here are five ways to create a healthy balance between me-time and we-time:

1. Designate date nights.

Scheduling a day to celebrate your love is a great way to spend time with your partner. By designating specific days, it also frees up more time for you to spend with yourself.

You can also practice self-care by buying yourself a nice outfit for your upcoming date night. Or, you could treat yourself to a cool hair cut to prepare for a night on the town with your boo.

2. Create a relaxation zone.

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Set up an area in your home for relaxing and unwinding, such as a reading nook or a massage chair. This can create a visual cue for your partner to provide a bit of “space” when you need it.

3. Separate your hobbies.

Create a list of hobbies that you and your partner plan to explore together. If your partner disagrees on a particular hobby, set a day to pursue it on your own. This way, not only can you build shared interests together, but you and your partner can also encourage each other to try new things and have a bit of “me-time” in the process.

4. Cook for your spouse.

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If you enjoy cooking, preparing meals together is a great way to bond with your new spouse. If you want to incorporate “me-time,” make it a romantic gesture by taking turns preparing a special dish for your partner. Listen to music or enjoy a glass of wine as you cook. By doing so, you can enjoy a bit of space AND make your partner feel loved and cherished.

5. Set morning and evening rituals.

You can squeeze in a bit of “me-time” as part of your morning or nighttime routine. Sipping your favorite cup of coffee in the morning or enjoying a piece of chocolate every night is a great way to practice self-care without neglecting your partner.



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