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Not a Fan of Pink? Try Adding These Barbiecore Colors to Your Home Instead

July 5, 2023 at 9:10 PM PST

It’s hard to ignore the impact of Barbie or Barbiecore. On TikTok, the Barbiecore hashtag has already amassed over 469 million views. From fashion to home decor, Barbiecore is here to stay.

While Barbie fans everywhere are gearing up for the anticipated movie, there are sure to be a few people who want to participate in the Barbiecore trend but aren’t a fan of embracing the pink. And with the pink paint shortage, you might be interested in knowing what non-pink Barbiecore colors you can still embrace. Here are a few non-pink colors to try out that still fit into the dreamy aesthetic.

Non-Pink Barbiecore Colors

aqua blue barbiecore
Photo credit: Erol Ahmed

Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue is a great option for any room in your house. “Known for its association with luxury and elegance, Tiffany Blue can infuse your space with a sense of glamour,” Mina Lisanin, founder and principal designer of ML Interiors, told Better Homes & Gardens. This color screams luxury and it’s everything a Barbie girl can dream of. This color would look especially wonderful in the bathroom, as it pairs well with metals.


Another option to consider is coral. Coral is an optimal shade that gives you just a hint of pink that can also pair well with warm neutrals. Remember, rustic colors are going to make a big comeback in the near future so this color can offer you the perfect balance. “This vibrant shade adds warmth and vivacity to your space, creating a playful and glamorous atmosphere,” Lisanin said.


If you want to go a bit brighter, you can always opt for orange. Colors that resemble creamsicles or sherbet could really bring new life to a foyer or hallways.


However, if you want to stay in the pink family, then lavender is a great option. “This color has a similar whimsical and delicate feel to pink, while offering a refreshing twist,” Lisanin says. Lavender can be used to make a room feel feminine and soft, or it can be used as an unexpected neutral to add a touch of elegance.



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