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Home Entryway Ideas

4 Entryway Ideas That Will Make You Feel Welcomed Every Time

June 15, 2023 at 8:27 PM PST
Home Entryway Ideas

4 Entryway Ideas That Will Make You Feel Welcomed Every Time

June 15, 2023 at 8:27 PM PST

The entryway of your home is the first impression guests receive when they step through your front door. It sets the tone for the entire living space and plays a crucial role in making visitors feel welcomed and at ease.

Whether you have a grand foyer or a modest entry area, there are numerous creative ideas to transform it into a warm and inviting space. Explore these four entryway ideas that are guaranteed to make you and your guests feel welcomed every time you cross the threshold.

Add a Mirror

Photo Credit: 10’000 Hours

A beautiful mirror can add a delicate touch to your entryway. It doesn’t matter what size mirror you use—you can select something delicate and quaint or you can find something more grand. Depending on your entryway size, you can add a floor-length mirror to the wall. Visitors will appreciate being able to check themselves out before entering and leaving your home.

Hang a Chandelier

Photo Credit: @mymitzi / Instagram

Nothing impresses people quite like a chandelier to greet you when you enter a home. Regardless of how much space you have or don’t have, a chandelier adds a level of glamour that will enhance any home. You can opt for a more vintage chandelier or you can pick something more modern. Adding this will instantly brighten your hallway and create the warm space you’re envisioning.

Use a Console

add a console to your entryway
Photo credit: Tina Witherspoon

When you enter your home, you may have keys, grocery bags, mail, and all types of things in your hands. Give your arms a rest and keep your items tidy by adding a console right by your front door. You can keep all the knick-knacks in order and place your shoes underneath to keep your room organized.

Add a Chair or Bench

Photo Credit: @omysa.home / Instagram

If you have the space, consider adding a nice, comfortable chair or bench. This instantly creates a welcoming appeal and can set the mood for your company. You can also add coat racks and plants to add vertical interest and optimize the space. Utilizing plants not only provides a visual appeal but can make the space feel lived-in.

These personal touches add character to your entryway, making guests feel like they are entering a home with warmth and hospitality. With these ideas, your entryway will become a place where everyone feels welcomed, setting a positive tone for the entire home.



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