How To Pair Orange And Purple Together
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How To Pair Orange And Purple Together

December 15, 2023 at 8:45 PM PST

When you think of the colors orange and purple, you might think that they look better separate than together. However, this color combination, while different, can give any room a warm or maximalist vibe, depending on the right color scheme and shades.

Not only are orange and purple a popular fashion and runway combination (think Gucci’s fall 2011 collection) but these warming colors can be paired in multiple artistic forms. Think Daphne and Velma, Halloween colors, sunsets, The Joker or the Clemson Tigers (for Southern football fans). They have all mastered the orange and purple color block scheme.

So can these colors be applied to home design and decor? Of course they can! It’s all a matter of using the right shades of each color. Whether using pastel, darker shades or in between, this unlikely pairing can make any home look unique. Here are a few tips on pairing orange and purple together.

Try Color Blocking

Orange and purple are great for a color block bedroom. Pictured: An orange bedroom.
Photo: Pinterest

One of the most simple ways to incorporate a purple and orange combination is by using a color block design. The best thing about color blocking is that you can use whatever shade of purple and orange. For a perfect color block, pastel colors work well together while darker orange pigments work better with dark purple shades. Experiment with different orange shades like coral, peach and apricot and purple shades like lavender, plum and eggplant.

Go For Two Tone Walls

For two-toned walls, use both orange and purple. The best thing about this design is that you can use whatever shades of each color that you want.
Photo: Pinterest

While you may not think of using two different colors to paint your walls, an orange and purple color combination brightens any room. If there are four walls in your room, paint two orange and two purple. If you have multiple walls, use this same method for painting every other wall a different color or split the colors in half on each wall.

Jazz It up With Square Blocks

Use a square pattern in purple and orange shades to create a checkered affect. Pictured: A lavender checkered wall
Photo: Pinterest

For this orange and purple color, precision is key. Use a square block pattern on the wall with whatever shades of orange and purple match the aesthetic that you are going for. For this idea, it’s best to hire a professional, but if you’re willing to do it yourself, time and patience are your best virtues. After selecting your shades, you’ll want to use blue tape and an extendable measuring stick to make precise measurements before painting.

Mix Pastel Orange and Purple

Use pastel shades of orange and purple to create a warm and sunny room. Pictured: A peach and white striped bedroom.
Photo: Pinterest

Perfect for kids or the adult who loves color, pastel tones bring warmth and brighten the room. Shades of lavender, lilac, peach, periwinkle, apricot and coral work well for this color combination. Paint each wall one color, use multiple shades of both purple and orange or create rainbow stripes or square blocks or a gallery wall area.

Create a Color Block Corner

Create a color block corner using orange and purple. This design is unique and gives the space a personal touch. Pictured: The corner of a room painted peach and blue.
Photo: Pinterest

Emphasize the corner area of your room with a color-block corner. For this, you’ll either paint the corner area orange or purple, with the rest of the walls being the opposite color. This is your chance to make your corner area shine. Create a gallery wall, a reading nook, a collectors area or an area for niche home decor items. Get creative with this area and use it to bring out your personality and home aesthetic. You can even paint small shapes, drawings or include your favorite quote in this area for inspiration.



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