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interior design Picking Paint Colors

These 5 Tips Will Help You Pick Paint Colors That Complement Your Home Interior

November 3, 2023 at 9:37 PM PST
interior design Picking Paint Colors

These 5 Tips Will Help You Pick Paint Colors That Complement Your Home Interior

November 3, 2023 at 9:37 PM PST

When designing a home, there’s a certain message you want to portray in each room of your house. Whether you’re going for homey, relaxed, calm, fun, or bold, that message can be translated through the color you choose. Color adds a rich personality to your home that best reflects who you are. It can also take a room from average to luxe or childish to mature.

Picking paint colors for your home can be a struggle if you’re starting from ground zero, but Home and Texture has you covered. Here are five tips to follow when choosing your paint colors. Remember, at the end of the day, show your personality, find ways to suit your decor, and take your time for the right color.

Create a color scheme.

The color spectrum is extremely broad, leaving you with endless colors to choose from. Creating a color scheme isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem or sound. There are two easy ways to start the process.

First, choose colors you love. You want to make sure that every room has your special touch in it. Therefore, if you’re starting from scratch, implement different shades that are a reflection of you. This way, you’re not limited to what the traditional colors are and where you believe they should go. Secondly, have a vision and find inspiration. Use social media, catalogs, wall art, or even outside in your backyard for inspiration. Or simply grab a color wheel and let your creative juices start flowing.

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Know your whites.

White is the most common and foundational color in your home. It’s the starting point. While white may seem simple, all whites are not the same. So, it’s important to know your whites when decorating because each shade speaks a different language and projects new feelings.

The pure, clean, and crisp white is one that has no undertones and is commonly used. Then, you have whites that are cool with blue or grey undertones or warm with yellow or brown undertones. You can never go wrong with white, but make sure you test the color swatches to find what best reflects the design you’re going for and works best with the lighting in the room.

Consider how you want to feel when you walk into your room.

Using color psychology will make a huge impact when designing your room.  It will surely create a space that is welcoming and pleasing to the eye. Color psychology is the study of how moods and behaviors are affected by color. From shades to tones, different colors affect and influence different behaviors. So, consider this in your interior design style. How do you want to feel when you walk into a certain room?  Use that feeling and match it with a color that gives you that sensation.

Pull color from your decor.

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One of the easiest ways to pick a paint color for your interior is to pull from the colors that are already there. It’s that simple. Take a look around your home at the patterns on your throw pillows, bedding, rugs, and curtains. Use these objects to find a color that may be seemingly hidden and make it pop through your paint color. Look at bold colors in the pattern for projects like accent walls or check linens and pull color to create a more fine-tuned, subtle space.

Make a smaller space bigger through color.

Dealing with a small room that feels tight? You can change that! Well, you can create an illusion to make a room feel larger than what it is. Typically, fresh and crisp whites make a space feel bigger. It opens up the area and instantly changes the mood, creating a sense of peace and tranquility. Lighter shades and tones will be your best friend when achieving this goal. Try to stay away from darker colors as they can give off a close-knit feeling and make surfaces feel or appear closer than they really are.


Whether it’s luxury or ease, every area of your home should be as fabulous and unique as you.



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