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Decorate Color Combinations

10 Colors That Go With Pink for an Aesthetic Home Design

December 1, 2023 at 4:04 PM PST
Decorate Color Combinations

10 Colors That Go With Pink for an Aesthetic Home Design

December 1, 2023 at 4:04 PM PST

There are a lot of assumptions and stereotypes around the color pink, including that it is only for children. However, the “Barbie” movie has brought this color back to the forefront of many people’s minds, women and men alike. Not only are people inspired by the movie’s outfits, but also her stunning decor. This leads to one simple question: “What color goes with pink?”

When people think of the color pink, they think of its bright and gaudy, even neon shades. This hardly seems fitting for the color palette of a home. However, colors like pale pink, mauve, magenta and more are examples of pink variations that would fit eloquently in a home or other space. With all that said, even the brightest shade of bubble gum or hot pink could work in a home once paired with the right color. It’s all about finding the best color that either complements or contrasts that shade of pink. To help with this, here is a list of colors that pair well with various shades of pink.

1. White

Pink and white room

White creates a clean, fresh look and allows the pink to stand out as a focal point. While you can typically never go wrong with pairing any color with this neutral, white especially complements pink. A soft and/or pastel pink paired with fresh white is an inviting and comforting combination. It is perfect for a living space or bedroom with a lot of natural light that can shine through and accentuate the colors.

2. Gray

Pink and gray bedroom

Gray offers a sophisticated and modern look. Lighter shades of gray can complement soft or pastel pinks, while darker grays can create contrast with bold or vibrant pinks. Utilizing a neutral shade like gray gives you the perfect opportunity to pair louder, more fun shades of pink that would typically be too flashy when paired with other colors.

3. Gold or Brass

Pink and brass chairs

What color goes with pink that is not a neutral shade? Try gold or brass. These colors add elegance and warmth to pink tones, especially in accessories like frames, lamps, or decorative items. This pairing enhances the visual appeal by combining softness with a metallic sheen, adding depth and interest to the décor. Additionally, the pairing of gold/brass with pink transcends trends, often creating a timeless and elegant aesthetic that remains stylish regardless of changing design preferences.

4. Navy Blue

Coach with pink pillow

Navy blue provides a striking contrast and adds depth to a room when paired with lighter shades of pink. The deep richness of navy contrasts elegantly with the softness of pink, making each color stand out while complementing one another. Depending on the ratio of navy blue to pink, you can create different visual effects. A predominantly navy room with touches of pink can bring calmness and stillness, while more pink with navy accents can make a bold and vibrant statement.

5. Green

Pink and green kids room

This color combination isn’t just for the AKAs. Soft, muted greens or sage can create a calming and nature-inspired atmosphere when combined with pink. Pair these shades with a dusty pink or another shade of pink that is soft-toned but still dark in hue. This also creates the perfect opportunity to incorporate houseplants into the space’s color palette.

6. Beige or Taupe

gray chair with pink blanket

These neutral tones create a soft and cozy feel when paired with various shades of pink. Beige and taupe are two other colors that make experimenting with more whimsical shades of pink possible, as they are there to balance it all out. Having one of these as the wall color also creates a neutral canvas to play around with more pink.

7. Lavender or Purple

Lavender, velvet sofa

These hues create a harmonious and calming effect when paired with pink. Lavender, especially, can accentuate the softer side of pink tones, while deeper purples can add a sense of richness and sophistication. Most probably would not think of these colors when contemplating what color goes with pink unless it was for a kid’s room. However, shades like wine purple or dusty lavender show the nuance of these colors and how they suit the color palette of a typical home.

8. Mustard Yellow

Pink dining room

Contrasting with pink, mustard yellow creates a vibrant and energetic look. This combination often brings a playful and cheerful vibe to the space, mainly when used in accents or patterns. At first thought, it may seem too colorful or loud, but this is where playing around with shades and tones comes in. If your space consists of lighter, bright shades or pink, consider a darker or duller mustard shade.

9. Teal or Turquoise

Magenta and teal chairs

Teal or turquoise, being in the blue-green spectrum, offers a striking contrast to pink. The combination creates a vibrant and visually appealing look. This pairing can work well in various settings, from adding a lively touch to a modern space to creating a playful and colorful atmosphere in a room. The balance between the warmth of pink and the coolness of teal/turquoise often creates a visually dynamic and inviting ambiance.

10. Coral

pink and coral bathroom

Coral, being in the orange-pink family, complements pink tones beautifully. It enhances the warmth and vibrancy of the space when paired with various shades of pink. This combination creates a lively and cheerful atmosphere, perfect for adding energy to a room. The blend of coral and pink can evoke a sense of playfulness and brightness, making it an excellent choice for accents, accessories or even larger pieces of furniture in a space.


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