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If You're Looking for Next-Level Luxury Bedding, Shop Peacock Alley

September 12, 2023 at 6:00 PM PST

When it comes to creating a luxurious, inviting bedroom oasis, your bedding is everything. And we all know once you experience that hotel-style, sinking-into-the-clouds comfort, there’s no going back to scratchy, lumpy pillows and sheets.

That’s why we’re loving Peacock Alley’s goose down pillows and duvet inserts. Made of premium European goose down sourced from Germany, these bedding essentials are next-level luxe.

The down pillow is overstuffed with 750 fill power down, meaning it’s incredibly lofty and airy. As soon as your head hits the pillow, you’ll feel like you’re resting in a fluffy cloud. The down clusters inside are specially sorted to remove any quills, ensuring unbeatable softness. And the 330 thread count sateen cotton cover feels smooth and gentle against your skin.

When it comes to warmth in the winter and cool comfort in the summer, the down duvet insert can’t be beat. It’s filled with pure goose down for that sink-in, snuggly feel we all love. The baffle box construction keeps the down evenly distributed so you never have to deal with cold spots. And the duvet breathes incredibly well, wicking away moisture as you sleep.

While these bedding pieces do represent an investment, they’re built to last thanks to Peacock Alley’s exceptional craftsmanship. Every detail is meticulously constructed by true artisans. And the down itself comes with a lifetime guarantee – if it ever loses loft, Peacock Alley will re-fluff it for free.

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Why You Should Invest In Quality Bedding

Your bedding is one of the most important parts of creating a welcoming, relaxing bedroom sanctuary. But not all bedding is created equal. Cheap, low quality pillows and sheets can be scratchy, trap heat, and lose their shape quickly. That’s why investing in superior quality materials like goose down can transform your sleep experience. Luxurious bedding cradles and contours to your body, helping you fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed. Quality craftsmanship also ensures your bedding will last for years. Treat yourself to that hotel suite feeling every single night.

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Why Peacock Alley Is Superior

When it comes to indulgent bedding, Peacock Alley is the gold standard. Made in the USA, every product is carefully constructed by true artisans using only the finest materials. Their European white goose down is specially sorted to remove any quills before being washed in a multi-stage process. This results in down that is incredibly clean, soft and lofty.

Peacock Alley’s meticulous detail also ensures even distribution of the down. Their pillows and duvets feature baffle box construction to prevent cold spots and maintain consistent comfort all night long.

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Here’s Where You Can Shop In Store

While Peacock Alley’s collections are available nationwide from premium retailers like Bloomingdale’s and ABC Carpet & Home, Texas residents can visit the Peacock Alley flagship boutique in Dallas for a truly memorable experience.

Treat yourself to transformational comfort and luxury by shopping Peacock Alley’s collections today. From down pillows to sheet sets and duvets, these are truly the best bedding pieces your money can buy.

Goose Down Pillow

The indulgent 750 fill power European goose down pillow from Peacock Alley is dreamily soft and lofty. Hand-sorted down clusters deliver lightweight comfort as you rest surrounded in breathable, hypoallergenic luxury. The premium cotton sateen shell provides smoothness against skin for a tranquil night's sleep.

Goose Down Duvet

For timeless warmth and luxury, Peacock Alley's European goose down duvet insert delivers. Meticulously constructed with baffle box stitching to prevent cold spots, the premium down cradles you in cloud-like comfort. The lightweight, breathable fill makes this insert ideal year-round for the ultimate sleep experience.

Mattress Topper

Transform your mattress into a cloud with Peacock Alley's down alternative mattress topper. This 3-inch plush topper is generously filled with hypoallergenic Primaloft insulation that provides softness, breathability and gently contours to your body. The cotton cover ensures coolness and a smooth feel against skin.

Down Alternative Duvet

Peacock Alley's down alternative duvet insert provides cozy warmth without animal products. The hypoallergenic Primaloft fill features soft microfiber clusters engineered to mimic luxurious down for comfort and loft. Evenly distributed through baffle box construction, this insert offers weightless, allergy-friendly comfort.

Down Alternative Pillow

The down alternative pillow from Peacock Alley delivers sink-in softness and adjustable comfort. Filled with hypoallergenic Primaloft microfiber, it feels remarkably similar to down with cloud-like loft. The cotton sateen shell remains cool against skin, and the insert is machine washable for easy care.

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