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Why Scandinavians Sleep Better: Health Benefits of the Scandinavian Sleep Method

September 6, 2023 at 4:42 PM PST

Sleep is vital to overall wellness. This is why restless nights caused by sharing a bed can be a significant problem for many couples. Whether your partner hogs the covers or you can’t agree on a comfortable temperature, you’re not alone. The Scandinavians have been mastering the art of co-sleeping without compromising their relationship. Popular in countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, the Scandinavian Sleep Method is an innovative solution to balance personal comfort while maintaining shared intimacy.

With a unique approach to co-sleeping, this method has the potential to improve nighttime health and comfort for you and your partner.

couple in bed
Photo Credit: Ketut Subiyanto

What Is the Scandinavian Sleep Method?

Originating from the cold climates of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, this sleep method is simple: each person has a single-size duvet on the same bed. This means you won’t have to fight over a communal comforter—you both will have your own designated piece of nighttime comfort.

Health Benefits of Temperature Control

One of the main advantages of this sleeping method is the ability to personalize your sleep environment, specifically with temperature control. If you’re always hot and your partner is always cold, you can each opt for a duvet that aligns with your specific needs. There will no longer be thermostat battles or tossing and turning to find a cool spot on the bed. Individualizing your duvet allows for better quality sleep.

couple in bed
Photo Credit: Andres Ayrton

Minimize Sleep Disruption

Sleep disruptions can mess with your sleep cycle. With individual duvets, the usual disturbances that come from sharing a bed, like late-night bathroom runs or tossing or turning, are eliminated. Your sleep environment becomes more about co-existing in comfort. Fewer sleep disruptions can lead to improved mental and physical health.

Co-Sleeping Benefits

Great news: You can still maintain the benefits of co-sleeping. Sharing the bed with your significant other can reduce stress levels and improve the quality of your REM sleep.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Beyond health benefits, opting for individual duvets is less expensive than investing in separate beds or adjustable mattresses.



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