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Garden Planting Pumpkins for Fall

Want Pumpkins in the Fall? Start Planting Now

June 9, 2023 at 6:24 PM PST
Garden Planting Pumpkins for Fall

Want Pumpkins in the Fall? Start Planting Now

June 9, 2023 at 6:24 PM PST

Do you want to have the ultimate garden for Halloween? Well, believe it or not, it’s time to think about planting pumpkins for the fall. Yes, it’s barely summer, but pumpkins take a long time to grow, and if you want pumpkins ready for the fall, now is the time to start planting your seeds.

Even though most people enjoy pumpkins in the fall and winter, pumpkins hate the cold. They can not grow when the ground is cold, which is why you should plant them after the last frost in your region. As a rule of thumb, if the temperature is consistently above 65 degrees, then it’s generally safe to start putting these seeds in the ground.

Here’s How To Get Your Garden Ready Now for Fall Pumpkins

If you live in the northern region, you can start putting these gourds in the ground in late May, no later than mid-June. If you live in the South, you can start planting your seeds in July. Once they are in the ground, they’re going to need full sun or as much sun as possible.

Ready to sow your seeds? Farmer’s Almanac gives a quick breakdown of how to do it:

“Sow seeds either in rows 8 feet apart or plant in hills 4 feet apart. A hill does not mean the soil has to be mounded; it’s a spot containing a group of plants or seeds. Hills warm soil quickly (so seeds germinate faster) and aid with drainage and pest control. Prepare hills by digging down 12 to 15 inches and mixing/filling in with lots of aged manure and/or compost.”

Caring for Pumpkins

If you’ve never grown your own squash, know that they attract a lot of bees, but it’s needed for their growth. So keep in mind the insecticides you may use in your garden because you don’t want to deter the bees. When it comes to watering your gourds, you need to give them about an inch of water every week. Try to avoid overwatering because they can rot. For a successful pumpkin patch, add mulch, as this will help retain moisture and keep pests away.

Pumpkins tend to have a lot of vines, so you are going to want to tend to them carefully. If you have the patience, you can turn the pumpkin vines into beautiful trellises that you can enjoy from the summer to the fall.

This squash may seem like a lot of work, but once it’s in the ground, it’s smooth sailing from there. Follow these steps and you’ll have a successful pumpkin patch for Halloween and the wintry holidays.



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