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Lighting Quirky Lamps

Quirky Lamps for the Art Deco Enthusiast

June 23, 2023 at 6:55 PM PST
Lighting Quirky Lamps

Quirky Lamps for the Art Deco Enthusiast

June 23, 2023 at 6:55 PM PST

Art Deco is a popular style of design that features striking shapes made from cool and unusual materials. You can incorporate Art Deco in a number of ways, from furniture to kitchen appliances to bedding. It all comes down to how you choose to show off your personal style.

How To Incorporate Art Deco

A common way that you can add a touch of Art Deco to your home is by decorating with lighting. Quirky lamps, for example, are a great way to highlight your artistic side because they tend to include out-of-this-world designs and special, one-of-a-kind materials.

You can find lamps in a number of unusual shapes, from geometric to smooth. And the materials used in their creation are even more expansive, ranging anywhere from marble to metal to wood.

And aside from their aesthetic appeal, quirky lamps are also functional. From soft, warm glows to colorful light displays, options are endless when it comes to how lamps can illuminate your space.

You can place your lamp anywhere in your space for an attractive focal point. For a warm way to welcome guests, you could place your light fixture on a table near the entryway to your home. Or to provide a dim light as you meditate, you can set up your lamp on your bedside table. Whatever you decide, quirky lamps can really enhance the mood of your space, whether you prefer a tranquil or energetic ambiance.

Quirky Lamps for the Art Deco Enthusiast

There are so many quirky lamps to choose from, from floor lamps to desk lamps to pendant lamps. The best part? They are not only a work of art, but a great way to show off your personality. If you want to incorporate a touch of Art Deco into your home, here are five quirky lamps to consider:

1Porcupine Quill Lamp

This Porcupine Quill Lamp is the perfect way to showcase your personality. Made from porcupine quills, it is sure to be an attractive focal point in any room. The quills are uneven to provide a distinct, handmade appearance. And when lit up, this lamp produces a beautiful, striped pattern on the walls. Each purchase is made to order so you can bet that your lamp is made with the utmost care. Whether you set it up on a table in your entryway or use it as a centerpiece on your dining table, this quirky little lamp is a great addition to any room.

2Edison Steampunk Lamp

This Edison Steampunk Lamp is handcrafted using quality steel, making this a sturdy and durable addition to your space. The great thing about this lamp is that it is made by talented artisans who take great care in creating your purchase. It includes a cool dimmable feature that produces a soft, warm glow. This makes for an warm and inviting ambiance for your bedroom or living room. It also comes with free lightbulbs that provide up to 15,000 hours of light so you can enjoy your desk lamp for a long time.  

3Angler Fish Art Lamp

If you are a fan of the deep sea, this lamp is for you. Featuring a dark, metal anglerfish, this art lamp is eye-catching and functional. The lamp is made from quality iron, making it a sturdy addition to your space that can last for years. Its soft, warm glow is perfect reading a book under or practicing meditation before bed. You can choose from three sizes, making it suitable for any space, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Jelli Table Lamp

To add a touch of fun to your space, try this Jelli Table Lamp by Honey and Ivy. This cute little lamp was designed with soft-serve ice cream in mind. It includes a soft, wavy sculpted pattern, reminiscent of soft serve. Made from thermoplastic, this lamp is made with the Earth in mind. Perfect for the sustainable shopper, it is 100% compostable. Plus, each lamp is handmade in the USA, so you can support a local business with every purchase. You can set it on your bedside table or place it in your home office. No matter how you decide to use it, it is certainly a must-have for your home.

5Vintage Phone Lamp

Calling all vintage enthusiasts! The Vintage Phone Lamp from Collector Gift is just the lamp for you. This quirky lamp evokes a sense of nostalgia, no matter your age. Available in a soft, salmon color, this rotary phone lamp is perfect for adding a pop of color to your home. It uses an LED light to illuminate your space, making it perfect for reading or studying under. And because this is a handmade lamp, you can expect only the best quality.

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