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Get an Inside Look at Schlotzsky’s '70s Sandwich-Themed Decor Line

October 12, 2023 at 4:49 PM PST

If you’re a sandwich lover, chances are that you’ve heard of Schlotzsky’s. Known for introducing “The Original” sandwich to the world in 1971 from the heart of Austin, Texas, the brand is now weaving its legacy into the home decor sector with its unveiling of the Sandwich Studio Line. Merging food-inspired aesthetics with the vibrant vibe of the ’70s, this collection promises to add a nostalgic touch to your living spaces.

Schlotzsky's_Sandwich Studio Line_1
Photo Credit: Schlotzsky’s®

Imagine transforming your home with a ‘70s sandwich-centric aesthetic: retro wallpaper that takes you down memory lane, a rug adorned with sandwich-inspired pop art patterns, a pod chair shaped like a bun, and a crocheted blanket that pays homage to the sandwich’s 13 essential ingredients. This design endeavor is a tribute to The Original, the brand’s first menu item—a sandwich crafted with ham, Genoa, and Cotto salami, and a plethora of mouth-watering ingredients such as three kinds of cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, signature sauce and more served on freshly baked sourdough buns.

Celebrating the Original’s Legacy

Schlotzsky’s Chief Brand Officer, William Armstrong, expressed his excitement, saying, “At Schlotzsky’s, we take pride in the passion our guests have for our timeless sandwich—The Original. Fans will go to great lengths to satisfy their cravings for the sandwich, it’s remarkable.”

When speaking about the home decor line, Armstrong shares, “The Sandwich Studio Line celebrates and honors the Original’s legacy and the joy it has brought to millions since 1971.”

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Photo Credit: Schlotzsky’s®

The collection is now available at The diverse range includes products priced between $8 and $500. From the ‘Get Toasty Pod Chair’ to the ‘Sourdough Pillow’ and the ‘Saucy Lamp,’ each item is a nod to the iconic sandwich’s essence.

If you’re craving a Schlotzsky’s Original sandwich, we have great news for you. Schlotzsky’s Rewards Members will receive 25% off any Original Sandwich after purchasing any Original Sandwich from now until October 31.

Learn more about the Sandwich Studio Line by visiting and connecting with the brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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