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Outdoors Screened-in Porch Ideas

5 Screened-in Porch Ideas To Instantly Elevate Your Outdoor Living Experience

A screened-in porch is the perfect setting to relax and unwind. Here's how to make the most of it.

February 14, 2024 at 11:42 PM PST

Spring is approaching sooner than you think. That means warmer days and cozier nights, all of which can be enjoyed on your screened-in porch—the perfect way to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor living. These home extensions deserve the same TLC you’ve given your home interior. With screened-in porches, you can immerse yourself in nature’s beauty while staying comfy and cozy.

Whether you’re reading a book, taking a much-needed nap, or hosting friends over for a summer wine night, a screened-in porch is the perfect setting to just relax and unwind. Use these screened-in porch decorating ideas to embrace outdoor living at its finest.

What To Consider Before Decorating Your Screened-In Porch

Decorating a screened-in porch can be a challenge. Before you get started, consider these three things to make sure you’re starting on the right track.

1. The Purpose of Your Porch

What is the actual purpose of this area? If it’s for hosting and entertaining purposes, consider adding a TV for game days and movie nights.

2. The Size of Your Porch

Be sure to measure your exterior to ensure all of your decor pieces suit the space perfectly. The last thing you want is a table set too big, making it hard to move around, or chairs that are too small for the space. Your rug, outdoor furniture set, and other decor pieces can make a huge impact, visually and physically, if they’re properly sized. Remember to keep about 30-36 inches between each piece of furniture to allow for movement.


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3. Furniture Placement

To create a feel-good and comfortable area, consider the placement of your outdoor furnishings. The furniture placement on your screened porch is just as important as that in your indoor living areas. Think visually. Would the chairs look better facing each other or the backyard? Think about the flow of the porch when viewed from the inside.

You’ll also want to keep in mind the way you want to face or where you’ll want to sit to enjoy your backyard views. The strategic placement and intricate details all play a factor in how you’ll feel and experience your outdoor living space.

Decorating Your Porch

Now for decorating. Here are our favorite ways to instantly spice up an outdoor space.

Put fresh florals on display.

Embrace the cool weather with fresh florals that instantly bring a natural element to your front (or back) door. Consider blossoming beauties that love the shade and thrive indoors. Try hanging plants if your porch allows, so that you can feel like you’re walking into your very own greenhouse.

Keep it airy and light by hanging curtains.

The traditional screened-in porch includes a mesh material surrounding the area, keeping away unwanted bugs and rainfall. However, it doesn’t always have to. Take a unique approach and hang curtains. Leave your space open as the delicate, sheer curtains flow in the wind, and when needed, close the curtains for privacy from your neighbors and blockage from the glaring sunlight.

The curtains serve more than one purpose. On those nights when you’re entertaining, enjoy a movie night by projecting movies onto it and stage an outdoor movie with friends and family.

Add character with vintage findings.

Thrifting and bargain hunting are good ways to add character, personality, and vintage finds to your porch for less. Search for those pieces that can be refurbished and add your touch to it. Use an old wooden two-seat chair and transform it into a daybed or polish the used table to display a centerpiece like a vase of flowers.

Use neutral and natural elements.

You can never go wrong with natural and neutral elements. Blend the blue hues of the sky with the greens of nature to create a beautiful color palette.

Decorate with small accessories.

If you have children, a porch swing or hammock may be entertaining for them. It’s a plus for you as well to slumber in the sweet summer sun. Add pillows with summery patterns like stripes or floral art that will always remind you of the sunny days. Don’t forget rugs to complete the whole look. And to really tie everything together, add decorative pieces like books and knickknacks for the finishing touches.



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