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Office Standing Desks

Ditch Your Office Chair and Shop These 7 Stylish Standing Desks Instead

September 18, 2023 at 9:34 PM PST
Office Standing Desks

Ditch Your Office Chair and Shop These 7 Stylish Standing Desks Instead

September 18, 2023 at 9:34 PM PST

Many people sit at a desk as part of their job. But according to a report from Mayo Clinic, prolonged sitting is linked to chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Luckily, this is where standing desks can help. Not only are they helpful for better productivity, but they’re also better for your health.

What are the benefits of standing desks?

Standing desks can be a great help for people who sit down at a desk for work. There are a lot of benefits to using them. For example, they can help improve your posture. Standing upright means you have to maintain a straight back, with your core fully engaged. This is much healthier than hunching over at a desk, which can help minimize pain in your back, neck, and shoulders.

Standing desks can also help you burn calories. By standing up, you can burn up to 50 calories per hour, which means you can be productive at work and with your health at the same time.

Speaking of health benefits, standing up is really good for you. When you sit for too long, you add to your risk of high blood sugar, obesity, and weight gain. Prolonged sitting can also be detrimental to your heart, leading to heart disease and other chronic conditions. This is why standing desks are considered a great way to take charge of your health.

Standing up can also enhance your productivity. This is because sitting can make you feel tired, especially following a big lunch. As a result, you might find yourself needing more breaks or even nodding off while you work. On the other hand, standing involves mild physical activity, which can increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

Our Top Standing Desk Picks

Standing desks can do wonders for your posture. By properly aligning your spine, it helps you move around more freely, thus reducing back and neck pain. To help you maintain a healthy body posture as you work, here are seven standing desks to shop now:

1Trotten Standing Desk

The Trotten Standing Desk is the perfect way to increase your physical activity as you work. It even includes a crank that you can use to adjust its height and work out your arms at the same time.

2Bekant Corner Desk

The Bekant Corner Desk is perfect for adding a modern, professional touch to your home office. Made from quality material, this desk is strong and durable so you can use it for years.

3Uppspel Gaming Desk

If you enjoy gaming, this Uppspel Gaming Desk is a great companion. Designed to provide the best gaming experience, this desk raises to 47 inches so you can sit or stand comfortably as you play.

448″ Width Standing Desk with Drawer

This 48" Width Standing Desk with Drawer is an ideal choice for hard workers. It includes a drawer so you can store your office supplies for a neater, more organized space.

5The Original Deskstand

The Original Deskstand provides an innovative, new way to work at home. It boasts an assortment of premium features including an integrated cable manager and smartphone or tablet holder, a 10-slot ladder for height adjusting, and a top and bottom shelf that can each hold up to 35 pounds.

6Beyda Desk

The Beyda Desk from Wade Logan is a godsend for people who have manage a lot of tasks at work. It includes multiple drawers so you can store important documents and supplies in one place.

7Height-Adjustable Desk Converter

If you have limited space, try this Adjustable Desk Converter. Made from premium mahogany and steel, this desk is sturdy so you can use it for a long time. Plus, you can adjust it according to your height preferences as it rises up to 19 inches.

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