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Cleaning The Best Steamers To Use For Bed Bugs

The Best Steamers To Use on Bed Bugs

October 13, 2023 at 5:22 AM PST
Cleaning The Best Steamers To Use For Bed Bugs

The Best Steamers To Use on Bed Bugs

October 13, 2023 at 5:22 AM PST

With the bed bug epidemic already spreading from Paris to London, it’s important to be prepared just in case those tiny creatures start to pop up in your home. While they are annoying and incredibly stressful to deal with, you can be rid of these terrible pests with a little patience and the right tools.

If you find that bed bugs have made their way into your home, investing in a high-quality steamer is the best option for getting rid of them. Because of the high heat that the steamer produces, this product kills and helps to rid the home of those annoying, bloodsucking creatures that are able to hide in small spaces.

Any type of bug infestation should be taken incredibly seriously, but because bed bugs are harder to get rid of, you can’t just use any type of product. Here are the best steamers for getting rid of bed bugs.

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Dupray Neat Steamer for getting rid of bed bugs

This $150 steam cleaner is great for getting rid of bed bugs and pests. The heavy-duty steam cleaner reaches up to 135 degrees Celsius and will clean, deodorize, detail, and sanitize practically any surface. It kills 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses and is lightweight and portable for easy carrying. Use this steamer for up to 50 minutes at a time and its multi-use feature allows for cleaning with microfiber pads or regular cloths and towels.

Steamfast Canister Steam Cleaner

Steamfast cannister steamer for getting rid of bed bugs

Get the best bang for your buck with this high-quality steam cleaner that gets rid of bed bugs and costs less than $150. This portable and heavy-duty steam cleaner works great for ridding your home of pests and also keeping it clean in general. It comes with multiple attachments for easy cleaning in small areas. This versatile steamer includes a large water tank that heats up in just eight short minutes to clean grease, grime and stains and will keep your grout clean.

Bissell SteamShot Steam Cleaner for a Small and Handheld Steamer

Bissell Steamshot steamer for getting rid of bed bugs.

If you’re looking for a small steamer that doesn’t take up much space, works well and is inexpensive, consider purchasing the Bissell SteamShot steam cleaner. This steamer can be found on Amazon and cleans and sanitizes both small and large areas of your home. Quick to heat up, you only have to wait 30 seconds and you can control the amount of high pressure it emits. This steamer also has a cord that is 20 feet long, making it easier to walk around the house to clean and get rid of pests. It includes 10 multi-surface tools.

A Great Handheld Option

The DB tech steamer may help rid the home of bed bugs. Pictured: product image of steamer.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive handheld steamer, the DB Tech Handheld Pressurized Electric Steamer is only $30 and works great for deep cleaning and ridding a house of bed bugs. This steamer steams for up to 20 minutes and can remove wrinkles from garments, In addition, it is capable of removing grease and stains while also sanitizing. It works great on glass and can remove soap scum. It includes multiple spray nozzles for getting in those areas where bed bugs and pests can hide.

An Investment Steamer

If you’re willing to invest more money into a steamer that is built to last, the Pro6 Duo might be your best option. This steamer, made in Italy, is designed with longevity in mind and will last through years of use. Not only does this steamer sanitize and clean most surfaces, but it heats up to 327 degrees, which is hot enough to kill bed bugs immediately. The Pro6 features a long list of useful accessories like floor brushes, multiple nozzles, carpet gliders, towels, a squeegee and more. This long-lasting steamer is on sale for a whopping $995.



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