How To Make TikTok's Viral Valentine’s Day Candy Salad
DIY Valentine’s Day

How To Make TikTok's Viral Valentine’s Day Candy Salad

January 31, 2024 at 5:20 PM PST

Besides Halloween, Valentine’s Day is basically the one day that you can eat as much candy as you want. There are no limits to this, whether you decide to eat an entire box of chocolate, a pack of gummy bears or some of the famous sweetheart’s candy. It’s traditional to eat and give candy as a Valentine’s Day present. From the time we were in elementary school passing out candy to each of our classmates to now celebrating with Hershey’s kisses, candy has been traditional for most of our lives.

Valentine’s Day is a fun way to get creative. Whether you’re planning on a romantic night with your significant other or a fun Galentine’s Day with the girls, there are so many ways to celebrate. While Valentine’s Day baskets, boxes and desserts have been a current trend recently, there’s a new Valentine’s Day trend all over everyone’s TikTok FYP. And, this new trend involves candy, lots of it!

The Valentine’s Day Candy Salad trend, started by TikTok creator @jillian.pickard, has been making its way to everyone’s TikTok feed, with many creators following in her footsteps to create this colorful, unhealthy and fun salad. Since the user posted the infamous salad on TikTok, the video has reached over 596k views and 32k likes, becoming the creator’s third most popular video on their account.

Not only is the Valentine’s Day candy salad a fun trend, but it’s great for kids, a cute Galentine’s Day party, a fun treat to bring into the office and a delicious little snack for you. Here’s how you make the salad.

What You’ll Need

Make the Valentine's Day Candy Salad with these simple ingredients. Pictured: Candy

  • Haribo Be Mine Mix
  • Sour Patch Kids Message Hearts
  • Trolli Sour Brite Hearts
  • Trolli Sour Bite Knockout Hearts
  • Sweet Tarts Conversation Hearts
  • Brach’s Cherry Hearts
  • Haribo Goldbears Valentine’s Day Edition
  • Life Saver Gummies
  • Blow Pop Minis
  • Sweet Tarts Ropes Twisted Rainbow Valentine’s Punch
  • Sour Patch Kids Black Raspberry Valentine’s Candy Hearts
  • Starburst Conversation Hearts
  • Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts
  • Sour Patch Kids Hearts
  • Nerds Valentine Gummy Clusters
  • Twizzlers Hearts
  • Haribo Sweet and Sour Hearts
  • Brach’s Cinnamon Jelly Hearts
  • Sour Punch Valentine’s Rad Red Bites

Other Essentials for Mixing

Grab a heart-shaped bowl and spoon to mix and toss your Valentine's Day Candy Salad. Pictured: Heart-shaped bowls

Beyond ingredients, there are a few tools that can come in handy when putting together your candy salad.

  • A large bowl
  • A large spoon
  • A glass jar
  • Scissors (optional)

How to Make the Valentine’s Day Candy Salad

The Valentine's Day Candy Salad is so easy to make and inexpensive. Pictured: Gummy bears

The Valentine’s Day candy salad is so easy to make. Gather all of the candy from your local Walmart, Target or other grocery store. If you’re feeling festive, grab a heart-shaped bowl, a large heart spoon and a jar. Add all of your candies to a bowl and toss the candy salad with your spoon. You can cut some of the candy with scissors if needed. Finally, add your candy salad to a glass air-tight jar or container for safekeeping. This ensures everything stays together and that your gummies and candy won’t go stale. This is definitely a salad that everyone will want seconds and thirds of.

The Valentine’s Day candy salad is also a great option for those on a budget and looking for an inexpensive way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The creator of the original TikTok mentioned that this salad only costs less than $40 to make.

What to Do With Your Valentine’s Day Candy Salad

The Valentine's Day Candy Salad is perfect for events, Galentine's Day, hosting and more. Pictured: Conversation hearts candy

While some people may want to eat this right away (how could you not, it’s totally irresistible), there are other options for this salad. If you’re attending a Galentine’s Day event, bring this for everyone to enjoy. If you want to bring a fun treat in for the office, bring this in for your coworkers. You can also place your candy salad in mini cellophane bags to give out to teachers, coworkers, friends and family members. Add the candy salad to a Valentine’s Day basket for an extra homemade touch. Or, if you’re hosting this Valentine’s Day, turn your candy salad into a centerpiece for everyone to look at or eat from.



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