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Home Washable Rugs

Washable Rugs: Are They Worth the Hype?

December 30, 2023 at 7:30 AM PST
Home Washable Rugs

Washable Rugs: Are They Worth the Hype?

December 30, 2023 at 7:30 AM PST

Cleaning rugs the traditional way—through vacuuming, shampooing, or even having a company come out and deep-clean-steam is no longer your only option. Thanks to washable rugs, you can simply toss them into the wash and let the machine do the work in a fraction of the time and cost. But, are they worth the investment? Here are the pros and cons of washable rugs to see if it’s a good choice for your household.

Stain-Resistance and Low Maintenance

Imagine a rug that laughs in the face of spills, dirt, and everyday accidents. That’s precisely what washable rugs do. Thanks to their stain-resistant properties, these rugs are a dream of a low-maintenance household. Whether it’s a clumsy spill during a movie night or a muddy paw print from your four-legged friend, washable rugs have you covered.

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Kid and Pet-Friendly

If you have kids or pets, you’ll appreciate washable rugs even more. They are designed to withstand the chaos that comes with little ones and furry friends. Juice spills, muddy footprints, and unexpected messes are no match for these rugs. Plus, they keep their pristine appearance even after multiple washes.

Durable and Fade-Resistant

Traditional rugs can lose their luster over time, fading and shedding with each cleaning. In contrast, washable are created with durability in mind. Made from synthetic fibers, they are built to endure high-traffic areas without losing their shape or vibrant colors. Polypropylene washable rugs, in particular, are known for their fade-resistant properties, so that your rug remains as vibrant as the day you bought it.


Over the course of a year, an area rug can accumulate an alarming amount of dust and allergens. Washable rugs, on the other hand, can be cleaned frequently without a fuss, making them a top choice for allergy sufferers. With regular washes, you can breathe easier, knowing that your rug isn’t harboring hidden allergenic particles.

Variety Meets Convenience

When it comes to design, washable rugs offer endless possibilities. You don’t have to compromise on style for the sake of easy upkeep. These rugs come in a broad selection of styles, colors, and patterns.

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Cleaning and Drying Made Easy

The convenience doesn’t stop at their resistance to stains. Cleaning and drying washable rugs is easy. If your rug is designated as machine washable, you’ll find a label indicating it’s safe for a washing machine. When cleaning, select the gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergents, avoiding bleaches and fabric softeners. For stubborn stains, a splash of mild dish soap works wonders.
Drying can be done in a dryer on low heat, but you’ll want to make sure your dryer is spacious enough for the rug to move freely. However, it’s often best to air dry washable rugs to prevent any potential damage.

Choosing the Right Rug Pad

It’s important to note that washable rugs are typically thinner, so a rug pad is an important addition for adding comfort and density. It also helps reduce sound and prevents the rug from sliding around. As a general rule of thumb, consider a pad that’s between 1/8 to 1/4-inch thick for the best results.

Washable Rug Care Tips

To make sure your washable rug stays in top-notch condition, consider these care tips.

  • While washable rugs can handle frequent cleaning, it’s advisable to machine wash them only once or twice a year to prolong their life.
  • In between washes, sprinkle baking soda on the rug and vacuum it to eliminate odors. Stubborn stains can be tackled with a mixture of dish soap and cold water, followed by drying with a cotton cloth.
  • After machine washing, allow your rug to dry thoroughly to prevent mold or mildew issues.
  • If your rug tends to curl at the edges after washing, use a steamer to gently press them flat.



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