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These Are The Wealthiest Black Neighborhoods in America

June 1, 2023 at 4:14 PM PST

Have you ever considered where the wealthiest Black neighborhoods are in America? Even though it’s not talked about a lot, there are a number of cities and areas where Black homeowners are thriving.

These neighborhoods are spread throughout the country, although the majority of them are located in the East and in the South.

The Wealthiest Black Neighborhoods in America

Charles County, Maryland

Charles County is now the richest county where Black people reside, recently surpassing its neighbor Prince George’s County. According to Maryland Demographics, the median household income of Charles County households is $107,000. As reported by the Washington Post, “County Charles became majority-Black during the pandemic, if not earlier.”

Rosedale, New York

Located in Queens County, Rosedale is a robust neighborhood bordering Long Island, New York. In Rosedale, Black people make up almost 70% of the 22,000 residents that live there. The median household income is approximately $104,000 and almost 75% of the residents in this neighborhood own their homes.

Cedar Hill, Texas

More than 50% of the resident population in Cedar Hill is Black, with another 25% being Hispanic. This diverse city has a median household income of $85,837 according to The small city has doubled its number of residents over the decades, too.

Stone Mountain, Georgia

As a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, Stone Mountain has a population of less than 7,000 residents. Yet, more than half of the residents identify as middle-class. Additionally, 10% of its residents consider themselves upper-class.

Baldwin Hills, California

Nicknamed “The Black Beverly Hills,” Baldwin Hills has been a safe haven for Black families since the 1960s. Black people make up more than 71% of the area. This area has been home to a number of Black politicians, doctors, and celebrities, such as legends like Ray Charles and Tina Turner.



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