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Italian Luxury Brand Marni Debuts New Tableware and Wallpaper Collaborations

May 12, 2023 at 7:06 PM PST

Italian luxury brand Marni recently announced its new home goods and wallpaper collaborations. Along with Serax, a Belgian design label, Marni debuts a 120-piece porcelain set that celebrates the creativity and voice of the brand. In collaboration with LondonART, an Italian company that creates hand-made wallpapers, Marni showcases “an exclusive series of wallpapers, reminiscent of the heritage patterns introduced through Marni’s ready-to-wear collections over the years,” according to Sleek Magazine.

By joining with Serax and LondonART, Marni is positioning itself to be a luxury interior decor giant. Francesco Risso, who is currently the creative director of the fashion house, aims to invoke a mixture of bright colors and abstracts with a Dadaist spirit.

Marni x Serax Collaborate To Launch Tableware Collection
Photo credit: Marni

The “Midnight Flowers” Collection

The porcelain set includes plates, bowls, cups and saucers in different sizes, and the designers hand-painted and adorned every tableware piece with bold flowers. The art resembles that of a botanical garden, which is a common theme with the fashion house, and thus the collection is dubbed “Midnight Flowers.”

Despite its avant-garde appeal, Risso wants consumers to understand that they should use this collection every day.

“This is the opposite of Versailles,” Risso said. “This is for people who enjoy life in a humble way. It’s supposed to be used every day, not kept in a closet.”

Risso also believes that wallpaper is making a huge comeback in interior design right now.

LondonART founder Nicola Bottegal told Women’s Wear Daily, “I could define the Marni LondonArt collection as a choral and collective project. Working with Francesco Risso was extremely stimulating because we joined forces by interpreting Marni’s artistic heritage and transforming it into a product. We added to the bright colors full of character already used from the fashion house, more versatile shades suitable for home decoration.”


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